A huge thing

Yesterday, I wasn’t well. I had a cold and severe headache. 

Today, while I was coming downstairs for the breakfast Lalita Aunty [Lady guard of our hostel] stopped me and said, ‘Main abhi aapke baare mein hee soch rahi thi ki, Amrita dikhi nahi..pata nahi tabiyat theek hui ki nahi. Ab kaisi hai tabiyat?’  [Rough english translation : I was thinking about you, how’s your health now?]. I sarcastically said, ‘Aap to mujhe 100 saal tak zinda rakho. 😉‘ Then I thanked her for thinking about me and assured her that I’ve recovered from cough and headache. 

On the surface, it’s a very little thing, however, if we take a pause and notice it carefully we’ll realize it’s a huge thing!

Giving someone a place in your mind, investing the time and energy in thinking about the well being of a person – IT’S REALLY A BIG THING. And I feel so humbled and fortunate to be a part of someone’s mind [thoughts]. Just took ‘Gratitude pinch! It also makes me aware of the responsibility which comes when we feel sheltered under somebody’s caring umbrella. 

दिल तो यूं ही धड़कता है
दिमाग धड़के किसी का तुम्हारे लिए ~ कद्र करो उनकी।

Lalita Aunty & Saroj Aunty


Breathe Yes

If there is NO in your thoughts, then things will not manifest even though there is YES in your actions. Check out your thoughts before you take out the first step. Breathe ‘YES’

Being silently different

What does being different means?

I’ve reflected on this question for long and what I’ve understood is there’s no such thing as being different on an outer periphery. The shift is internal, being different is whole together an inside story!

It’s about the choices we make and the habits we cultivate on a daily basis.

Like, in my case, I choose to wake up early in the morning by 4 am. Spend an hour in reading a book. Invest another hour on physical fitness and mental harmony (silence).

[This may sound like too much of self-boasting ;-)]

But I’m proud of my choices and habits. I feel content and joyous to see the continuous self growth every day. This has not happened in a day, it took more than a year to arrive at this schedule. And more importantly the change began with the change in the thought process, the words which I used to describe the events I wished to experience in my life.

Let’s make choices and nourish habits which raise our confidence and restores the glow of gratitude on our face instead of choosing a lifestyle which demotivates and leaves us with guilt and regrets in the end.