Creativity needs environment

Creativity blossoms in freedom, in silence and in peace. 

Creative flavor diminishes in chaos. 

In order to build a creative environment we need continuous decluttering of our mind. 

2016 Reflections

2016 gave me opportunities to grow in both personal and professional dimensions.

During the 12 months journey – I invested time on things which helped me to push my comfort zone. 

Personal zone :

  • Invested early morning hours on physical fitness and silence.
  • Wrote thoughts, quotes, to-do list, to-be list, happy moments, gratitude prayer and things which bothered me in my journal.
  • Traveled and explored new places.
  • Silently and gracefully removed myself from the lives of people who weren’t good for my mental health.
  • Cultivated the attitude of gratitude/thankfulness towards life. No matter what turned up, I deeply thanked existence for it!
  • Associated and met people who are far better than me. Never ever thought I will meet the creator of the wordpress theme (I am currently using on this blog) at his location. Thanks Raam.
  • Learned to (mostly) avoid and ignore things which are rubbish for healthy and happy life.
  • Loved, appreciated and brought smiles (sometimes unending laughter) on the faces of people who are part of my inner circle.
  • Death took away some near ones. It’s very difficult, it’s painful to even think that the person with whom we shared our journey will never come back! I could only pray and thank them for all their contribution in making my life better. 

    In professional (academic) area

    • Attended 2 International conference. 
    • Wrote and edited one full research paper (6 pages) by myself.
    • Co-authored and submitted two more research articles.

    In all, 2016 taught me to be :

     More patient,

    Deeply thankful,


    Walk one step at a time!

    Ways to empty my cup

    I’ve observed that whenever I’m totally filled writing happens. It’s become a way to empty myself.

    In these last couple of months I’ve discovered few other methods which help me cleanse my internal system. Like –
    Nature photography
    Early rising
    Sitting in silence

    What are your ways of returning to Zero?!

    Shallowness in moments

    Our mind is constantly on a look out to project our ‘so called good self’ and the funny thing about playing this game is – every cell of our being, each subatom in us knows that we are behaving unnatural.

    Our inner knows it that we are coating our outerselves artificially with things/qualities which are not flowing naturally within us at that moment – when we chose to impinge the intention of leaving an impression.

    I’ve been through such emotions earlier manytimes and I still get carried away with it sometimes. However, with time the urge to impress has slowed down.

    Now a days, whenever my mind sends such impulsive thoughts I consciously choose to remain silent and step back gently. Because, I’ve realised that being natural to myself and others brings a sense of serenity inside and outside me. And being fake creates disturbance inside me.

    Where there is an urge to impress, there is shallowness in life.

    Being silently different

    What does being different means?

    I’ve reflected on this question for long and what I’ve understood is there’s no such thing as being different on an outer periphery. The shift is internal, being different is whole together an inside story!

    It’s about the choices we make and the habits we cultivate on a daily basis.

    Like, in my case, I choose to wake up early in the morning by 4 am. Spend an hour in reading a book. Invest another hour on physical fitness and mental harmony (silence).

    [This may sound like too much of self-boasting ;-)]

    But I’m proud of my choices and habits. I feel content and joyous to see the continuous self growth every day. This has not happened in a day, it took more than a year to arrive at this schedule. And more importantly the change began with the change in the thought process, the words which I used to describe the events I wished to experience in my life.

    Let’s make choices and nourish habits which raise our confidence and restores the glow of gratitude on our face instead of choosing a lifestyle which demotivates and leaves us with guilt and regrets in the end.