Quick check on priority

Either we do it 


We find an excuse! 

Getting in the vicinity of simplification

Around fifteen days before, I received a call from a lady stating that she wanted to illustrate the cashback benefits of credit card to me. She asked me for the time, and I said, I’ll be available by the end of Dec, 2016. (pre-assuming that she understands the sign that I am uninterested and won’t call back again 😉 ) 

After 15 days after she called me back!

And I patiently started listening to her offers on cashback over the shopping one does per month (provided, one couriers all my shopping bills to her)! She asked me to send an IVR for confirmation of this scheme. And before I could say ‘Yes or No’ – I asked her to give me one day time to think. (again, trying to give her indications that I am not interested!) 

After 24 hours, she called me back!  

I ignored the phone. (because somewhere I was hesitant to say NO to her!) 

After few minutes, she called me again! 

And this time I received her call, with the mindset that I will explain her why I don’t need this scheme! I tried my best to explain her -‘that see I am not a shopaholic and my monthly expenses are very low, I stay in hostel, I eat in mess, I only spend in paying institution fee, buying some fruits, recharging my phone, buying clothes once in 4-5 months, ‘, however, she also presented me hundreds of reasons why I should take this scheme! 

Seeing that the conversation is not making sense anymore, I immediately took the straight route. I told her that, ‘I am thankful to you for telling me countless benefits of the scheme , however, at this point of time this is not in my priority!’ 

And the conversation ended gracefully, thanking each other  for the time. 

Many times, we take the indirect route.A route where we pre-assume that the other person can understand our choices, lifestyle, habits, love, care, avoidance or preferences by just some indirect hints/signals. And this complicates the whole life and wastes time & energy also (not only ours, but of others also!) .

I learned that one doesn’t needs to be rude to say NO, it can be delivered politely. I learned that one doesn’t have to avoid or block the numbers to get rid of some situations, it can be handled by taking care of current priorities! 

And this is how we can simplify things in every domain of our life (prioritizing them as they arrive), handling one by one. While working on simplification, we are actually silently going away from complexity!  Focus matters!

2015 : 2 lessons learned

An epic failure and mistake is an opportunity to zoom the e-PicTure and reflect on the lessons.

This year, I did many mistakes and failed terribly while executing the projects, plans and promises. However, they taught me 2 big lessons.

1. No one is busy. [Parents kaise time nikaalte hain kabhi bhi – kahin bhi – kaise bhi ]. It’s just that we all have different priority lists. If someone doesn’t finds time for us it indicates that we are not their top priorities. And in that case, the best thing we could offer them is the least disturbance and interference of our presence in their life.

2. Words are magnetically charged packets.The quality of words we use decides the quality of life experiences we attract in our lives.[I’m happy, I want to travel Australia, I want to fall in love, I want to master photography, I want to write research articles etc]

Would love to know your lessons.

The 8 letter word

The 4 letter word LOVE is always tied to the 8 letter word – PRIORITY.

Whatever we love [Name, place, animal, thing] no matter what, we manage to take out time for it. [No alternate MWF or TTS type thing then].

Priority = ♥ = Time

No Priority = No ♡ =  Time gaya Bhaad mein

Have you ignored or avoided things / people/ activities !Why? Because they were not on your super hit tracks list at that time. [List can change ];-)

Similarly, have you ever been ignored and avoided by others? Yes, we all have been, somewhere, sometimes. It’s an indication that we are either way behind in their songs list or we don’t exist in their list!

Let’s check our super  priority ki list [things/people/activities/daily chores]. And also observe, are you (and me) part of their list  whom you’ve included in yours and vice versa. Because love can’t be forced! But yes, with time people and relationships evolve 🙂