Lazy, then smile!

These days I’ve been really lazy in giving explanations to people around. And also, equally lazy in asking for explanations from them.

So, I eeshmiile! 🙂 🙂

It ends the matter there and then!!


Judge-less April

April 2016 was devoted to judging less.

The journey was an eye opener for me. I realized how my mind is working on default settings of ‘judging’ people, events and my own self every now and then.

First fifteen days of the month were like a seesaw, where I slipped back to ‘judging mode’ then returned back to ‘letting go’ mode and struggled with finding the balance. After that, I got loaded with research work and got lost in meeting some project deadlines and then it was like – ‘Time hee nahi hai Judge karne ko!’ 

I learned that whenever our lifestyle will be directed with something higher, then judgement will sound ‘aaivayeen’ and whenever our routine will lack that direction we’ll end up being a ‘panchaayati

Share is care

Visiting her inner chamber was a broken experience, everything was in pieces!

Instead of trying to collect and fix the pieces, I chose to have a dinner with her. We walked into restaurant, I asked her to order all that she loves and wants to eat, we ate delicious stuffs and had an ice cream while returning back.

There was contentment on her face as we said bye to each other. I realised that we can help others feel better by sharing food together!

As a friend or a family member we don’t need to fix everything or resolve every issues in their lives, we just need to create an environment where they are comfortable to speak, communicate and share their being!

We deal the way we feel

Intent matters most. If we split the word ‘intent’ it becomes in+tent

How’s our inner tent when we decide to do anything?

Is it revengeful or is it in a state of ‘proving’ something to somebody or is it resisting the move or is it for – our peace, personal development, self-growth and harmony of the world around us!

Because the way we feel gets reflected into the way we deal things.