What to do when they ignore?

What to do when someone is misbehaving or delibrately avoiding/ ignoring you?

Switch all your energy to the best person in your life.

Who is the best person in your life?


Can’t afford to depend on any one else for happiness.

Spend time with yourself, do things which make your heart sing, invest time in creating an art and eat some healthy stuff!  In this way we learn to direct our mind towards thoughts which are much more powerful & harmonious!

From the conversation with Coach Sukhi Longia, thanks so much Coach.

What makes the temple dirty and how to keep it clean

Our  mind is a temple and it’s our top most priority to keep it clean.

What makes a temple dirty is the initial step (before we step onto Jhaadu Pochaa maaro akaa..cleaning !)

Like, one of my most wonderful friend and Coach Sukhi Sir (he hates the word Sirr :P) says, ‘Everyone talks about changing the effect. No one talks about the cause!’ So, we’ll become the rarest species 😉 and  emphasize on the ’cause’ 😀

So, what makes the temple dirty? 

We know the simple maths, that –

Thoughts + faith = Things. Things are created when thoughts are clubbed with the tonic of faith. But thoughts are backed up by emotions (good emotions & bad emotions). So, when the mind is filled with ‘bad’ emos, any thought entertained by the mind results in negative direction.

Meaning, our mind, the Temple is dirty.

Which means, mind is corrupted with the dirt of hatred, anxiety, fear, worry, anger, jealousy, doubt etc.

How to clean it ?  

The mental corruption is cleaned by sowing seeds of love, ONLY love <3. Love yourself, love people around you with all your heart and love life. Love cleanses the internal system, it melts away all that is rigid in us. Bless every being which crosses by, send loving vibrations to the tiny pebble sitting across the road, say thank you to the sunshine!

What happens when the temple is clean ? We feel connected with the creator (Call it GOD!)  24*7. High speed wi-fi  😀 . We talk with the source (GOD) through our thoughts. Because GOD lives in a clean Temple.

And with HIM, we’ll never feel alone.

Then we’ll never ask for anything from HIM, because we’ll know that things will be offered at right times.

#Note : Based on the discussion we had one our Mastermind Alliance (watsapp) group. Special thanks to Sukhi Coach.


Unending chain of learning

‘Successful men, in all callings, never stop acquiring knowledge related to their major purpose, business or profession. Those who are not successful usually make the mistake of believing that the knowledge-acquiring period ends when on finishes school. The truth is that schooling does but little more than to put one in the way of learning how to acquire practical knowledge.’

Book : Think and Grow rich