My way of finding special ones!

I’ve noticed one thing in me :

उसके लिए जेब बिंदास खुलता है,
जिसके साथ दिल खुलता है!

Whenever my heart doesn’t shrinks while paying someone’s bill. .!
Whenever my mind doesn’t bothers to calculate the give and take ratio!

That’s when the connection happens.
And it doesn’t occurs so frequently!


Returning back

When feeling low, be deeply low.
When feeling high, be deeply high.

That’s how we return to the middle, where low & high merge into one another – a state of gratitude.

We struggle to find the mid line when we try to travel opposite i. e at low we search for things which lift us and at high altitude we worry about things which may drag us down!

Because a thankless mind ends up finding chaos (zig zag patterns) and a thankful mind begins with peace (straight line of faith) and scrolls back again towards the stable line of harmony with existence.

A huge thing

Yesterday, I wasn’t well. I had a cold and severe headache. 

Today, while I was coming downstairs for the breakfast Lalita Aunty [Lady guard of our hostel] stopped me and said, ‘Main abhi aapke baare mein hee soch rahi thi ki, Amrita dikhi nahi..pata nahi tabiyat theek hui ki nahi. Ab kaisi hai tabiyat?’  [Rough english translation : I was thinking about you, how’s your health now?]. I sarcastically said, ‘Aap to mujhe 100 saal tak zinda rakho. 😉‘ Then I thanked her for thinking about me and assured her that I’ve recovered from cough and headache. 

On the surface, it’s a very little thing, however, if we take a pause and notice it carefully we’ll realize it’s a huge thing!

Giving someone a place in your mind, investing the time and energy in thinking about the well being of a person – IT’S REALLY A BIG THING. And I feel so humbled and fortunate to be a part of someone’s mind [thoughts]. Just took ‘Gratitude pinch! It also makes me aware of the responsibility which comes when we feel sheltered under somebody’s caring umbrella. 

दिल तो यूं ही धड़कता है
दिमाग धड़के किसी का तुम्हारे लिए ~ कद्र करो उनकी।

Lalita Aunty & Saroj Aunty

Immediate action to break the loop

Jo bhi karna hai abhi karo, Abhi nahi to kabhi nahi  || ~Osho

Doing things which our mind tells us :
*to put-off
*they are difficult

brings satisfaction and builds self- confidence. 

The only way we can break the procrastination chain or the habit of postponing things is by taking immediate action . Act in the present. Move an inch but move, it will acts as a Glucon-D or Sona Chaandi Chyavan Praash for the mind-body-heart. 

‘Kyuki VartMaan hee sabse bada ShaktiMaan Hai ‘