From falsely fresh to freshly awake

There are moments when we are in an incredibly miserable state from within and then we still do ‘eeeee’  (fake eshmile) before the world.

There are moments when we are boiling with anger and then we still do ‘oley..ley’  (fake softness) in front of people.

There are moments when we just want to sit in the room doing nothing and then we still dress up to get crowded

There are moments when we are deeply hurt and then we still put on joy (fake saint) before people.

There are many more such moments when we act opposite to what we feel from inside. And this habit gets deeply embedded with in us which in a way gives birth to regret, guilt and anxiety.

When I look back, I find my previous-self full of such ‘masks’, however, from the last one and a half year, I’ve improved upon being original with the inner. And this has come as an automatic by product of taking out little time for – daily silence, sitting close to nature [sun gazing, listening to the chirping of birds etc], chanting Mantras [Japa] and off-course writing. These habits [developed one by one, slowly, and now they are all part of routine] help me to get closer to myself everyday and gives me strength to never leave myself no matter what!

Now, when I’m upset, I tell people around me to give me a break.

When I’m joyous, I go out to share the flowing joy. I hug trees , hug people (don’t care who’s is seeing and who’s not) and laugh out loud.

When I’m busy in certain task, I tell people that ‘how much they matter to me’ and I can’t give them less than 100% attention!

I’ve realized that the best gift we can offer to ourselves is being original to ourselves. And this is the only promise I’ve made to myself – that I won’t cheat the inner me for the sake of society. Because the biggest damage society does is – it kills the individual in us!

Protect, be a mother of your inner self. Express, tell people what you think, what’s going on inside of you. And never let mind ever think that life would come without challenges.


Being silently different

What does being different means?

I’ve reflected on this question for long and what I’ve understood is there’s no such thing as being different on an outer periphery. The shift is internal, being different is whole together an inside story!

It’s about the choices we make and the habits we cultivate on a daily basis.

Like, in my case, I choose to wake up early in the morning by 4 am. Spend an hour in reading a book. Invest another hour on physical fitness and mental harmony (silence).

[This may sound like too much of self-boasting ;-)]

But I’m proud of my choices and habits. I feel content and joyous to see the continuous self growth every day. This has not happened in a day, it took more than a year to arrive at this schedule. And more importantly the change began with the change in the thought process, the words which I used to describe the events I wished to experience in my life.

Let’s make choices and nourish habits which raise our confidence and restores the glow of gratitude on our face instead of choosing a lifestyle which demotivates and leaves us with guilt and regrets in the end.

Take up one thing

Take up one thing, and give everything to that one particular thing everyday.

You will find that after a certain period of continuity it has become your second nature , it has become the part of your lifestyle.

Take up any single thing like – Walking
Physical fitness
Healthy eating

Just begin, start super small and stick to it every day. Witness growth and rise in confidence with every passing day!

I chose Physical fitness for this year 2015. It’s the first thing which I do early in the morning. Everytime I invest time on my body I feel proud, confident, healthy and happy of myself.

Started writing love letter

Started writing love letters to myself from today. And I plan to experiment this new way every day for atleast a month.

It felt good to express love and affection towards myself. I felt the flow of positive electrons as I carved out qualities in me that lifted my life.

(This new venture is been inspired by the book I’m reading these days : You Can Heal Your Life by Louis L Hay)