Gratitude Moment #3

​5.25 am, July 12,2016 : Gratitude Moment   

I’m thankful to be able to focus on the most important things. I’m grateful for all the ideas and insights which come to me  at the right time.


Gratitude Moment #1

 I’m grateful to walk, communicate, sit, eat, laugh, share, learn, surrender and relax comfortably.  I’m thankful to feel the gratitude within me for this moment, for this breath, for this life. ❤

Monthly focus : Grateful March

I began monthly focus series with an intention to give my attention to one thing for a length of time.

The whole March was devoted to Gratitude.

After ruminating over various areas, I found that these days, I’ve been too brittle in handling uncertainties and obstacles related to my research and other professional works ; which has affected my attitude (complaining/negativity) and performance in recent days.

So, decided to focus on building Gratitude part of the whole day. 

Before this month, I used to express my gratitude only in the morning. However, by the end of the month, I’ve learned to return to thankfulness every now and then. This helped me to handle the unexpected patiently and also magnified the ‘un-noticed chain of gifts life has showered on me.

I’ll continue to relax under the tune of gratitude.

Thank you dear all for your presence and connection!

Being festive in the ordinary

Tonight, on the dining table, my eyes stopped on Prabhash : A proud I.I.Tian, cricket lover and a fighter.

He can’t lift his hands and has difficulty in walking straight. He has to bend forward to push his legs move. Amidst such challenges, he faces each day like a warrior and comes out as a  champion.

While eating, my eyes stopped at him. His friend and care taker was feeding him rice with his own hands and Prabhash was eating joyously. There was peace on his face.

At that very moment, I felt deeply grateful for everything. I looked at my hands affectionately. I even whispered ‘thank you’ to my legs.
I realised that being festive in the ordinary is L.I.F.E.

Being thankful for the little things magnifies our perception and enhances our attitude/ ability in handling failures.

Death and life

My whole being shivered internally as the thought of ‘death’ progressed through nervous system.

I remembered my grand mother (we call her baby aaji)  who is the only eldest member left in our family from my father’s side. And by God’s grace she is healthy and happy being.  I felt fortunate to recieve all her love and care.

I remembered all the old souls from our family who left the planet. The memory of the beautiful time I spent with them ran through my mental screen.

We think, do and accumulate so many things/issues and then one day we just vanish! I felt hollow from inside. Suddenly, all the obstacles associated with the things I’m currently working on turned insignificant.

The more we remember death, the deeper we live every moment.

As I sleep, I bow down in deep gratitude for this moment..for this life..for this breath.