Creating story together

We (he & me) have started with a new habit of creating story together. 

Bed time stories!

We toss a coin, and the one who wins the toss begins the story. The rule of the play is one can speak/form a maximum of 2 sentences and then other has to continue from there, further adding 2 more sentences. And so on. 

The beauty of this play is, it unchains us from the limited beliefs and encourages us to use all our imagination to give birth to our own story.

I would invite you to try out such creative plays with your partner. 

Also, I am interested to know what games do you play with your partner? 


Take up one thing

Take up one thing, and give everything to that one particular thing everyday.

You will find that after a certain period of continuity it has become your second nature , it has become the part of your lifestyle.

Take up any single thing like – Walking
Physical fitness
Healthy eating

Just begin, start super small and stick to it every day. Witness growth and rise in confidence with every passing day!

I chose Physical fitness for this year 2015. It’s the first thing which I do early in the morning. Everytime I invest time on my body I feel proud, confident, healthy and happy of myself.

Simplex method

To teach is simple, than being a Teacher.

To write is simple, than being a Writer.

To speak is simple, than being a Speaker.

To paint is simple, than being a Painter.

To compose is simple, than being a Composer.

To read is simple, than being a Reader.

To research is simple, than being a Researcher.

To love is simple, than being a Lover.

Every time we try hard to attain a renowned position in society we forget the joy in the journey. Most of our energy in drained in pleasing and achieving that particular ‘label’

Enjoy the ‘in action’. Be the doing. Don’t wait for the Perfection. Be a work in progress and enjoy every bit of it.

There’s nothing wrong being a ____er! But the journey should be joyful.

 And yes to blog is simple, than being a blogger.