Prominent Satisfaction

If I look back, I observe that I have broken lot of promises I have done to myself; may it be the promise of simply witnessing the sunrise or may it be writing down 500 words daily or may it be submitting technical articles before deadlines. I know the guilt of dishonoring my words (commitments) may it be small or big! 

I hated this feeling of embarrassment which comes within whenever I failed to keep a promise to myself. 

So, in order to work upon this, I changed the way I promised myself. I stopped promising many things to myself. And I shifted to promising ONE small thing for a day. For eg.

  • today, write one blog post 
  • today, hit the gym
  • today, sit in silence for 10 mins

By keeping one small promise in a day, I experienced the biggest self-satisfaction. 

I learned that the greatest contentment comes from keeping a promise to your own self. It feels no less than a reward, to honor your words and execute it into an action, no matter how small it may be. 

What you promised today? 


3 Simple advice to my 17 year old self

If I have to give 3 simple advice to my younger 17 year old self, it would be the following : 

Tell the Universe

Write as descriptively as possible to what you want/what you want to experience/ what you want to do/ how you want to live/where you want to go/ to whom you want to associate etc. Don’t be lazy in describing your deepest desires on a sheet of paper. Tell the universe as elaborately as possible about your thoughts. Words are extremely powerful, be fearless, honest and open in transferring your inner feelings onto paper. 

Be Grateful 

Be grateful for the –

Sun shine, peace, parents, relatives, lessons, challenges, love, risks, comforts, luxuries, internet, water, clothes, friends, flowers, food, taste buds, music, gadgets, siblings, guidance, stars, nights, tears, laughter, life and death. Cultivate the attitude of gratitude for everything.

Take one step : Do it

Action is a crucial part of life. And our actions are regulated by our thought process. Remember Newton’s first law – A body in rest continues to be in rest, and, a body in motion continues to be in motion. Same applies to our habit of getting things done. 

Whenever mind says, No!! It’s a huge task, postpone it….get up immediately and take the smallest step (to break the state of rest!). For example, you planned to woke up at 5 am, however, you got up at 7 am (the mind will make you feel that you lost it! You could not get up at the scheduled time…you are failure…etc!). Break the loop immediately! How? Start your day with one small victory : make your bed!

Would like to know, what you would advice to your younger self !

Main Bhi Milkha – My first marathon

Today, I accomplished my only 2015 goal

As I landed to collect the race kit in Jaipur Youth hostel, Auto vale bhaiyya said, ‘Madam aap itne door se sirf daudne aaye ho!’  Maine kaha…hmm 😛 

There are situtations, when only we know ‘what certain things’ [even though they might appear foolish or nothing before others] mean to us. Nothing can ever beat the joy of being firm on ONE thing for the whole year and then experiencing it giving a final touch!Gudgudi see ho rahi thi 😀 

It’s so illuminating to deeply practice someone’s quote [jo seedha dil ko lagta hai] with full devotion [jaise Hanumaan chaalisa padhnaa roz]. Here’s that life changing ONE quote which I would like to share with you all –

“Be like a postage stamp. Stick to one thing until you get there.”Josh Billings quotes from

With Co-runners at the Marathon 2k16

What to do when you are confused?

What’s confusion?

Confusion means not sure whether to move or stay standing or go backwards, go left or right.

What to do then?

Take the next step, do not stick to a situation. Take immediate action. Take a leap of faith and do something. 


That’s the only choice winner has. That is to take action. The next step ends up in a mistake! ;P

Who cares?

Make mistakes.

Learn from them.

Keep repeating the process.

They will call you successful, you know why?

Because you dared to do the mistakes that they feared to. 

Now they start calling you a genius.

Aisa bhi Hota hai! 😀

[Early morning conversation with my Coach - Sukhi Longia] 


Take up one thing

Take up one thing, and give everything to that one particular thing everyday.

You will find that after a certain period of continuity it has become your second nature , it has become the part of your lifestyle.

Take up any single thing like – Walking
Physical fitness
Healthy eating

Just begin, start super small and stick to it every day. Witness growth and rise in confidence with every passing day!

I chose Physical fitness for this year 2015. It’s the first thing which I do early in the morning. Everytime I invest time on my body I feel proud, confident, healthy and happy of myself.