Story telling

Be a great story teller of your life, of your own life events. 


3 small and simple tips I received to create a happy married life

I received three simple yet powerful tips on creating a happy married life from Srinagesh R (Uncle). He is a loving husband, counselor and a writer.

This is what he suggested –

  1. Ask yourself what you should do to keep your spouse happy. Both husband and wife should ask this question, honestly and work on it.
  2. Fights are normal. But words used are important. Fight on issues, without importing unconnected incidents, people, etc. Never use finite words like – ‘I will never trust you again,  I will never talk to you again, etc.
  3. Never allow communication to be broken for more than one day!

I hope these three small yet powerful tips help us to create a happy relationship.

Creating story together

We (he & me) have started with a new habit of creating story together. 

Bed time stories!

We toss a coin, and the one who wins the toss begins the story. The rule of the play is one can speak/form a maximum of 2 sentences and then other has to continue from there, further adding 2 more sentences. And so on. 

The beauty of this play is, it unchains us from the limited beliefs and encourages us to use all our imagination to give birth to our own story.

I would invite you to try out such creative plays with your partner. 

Also, I am interested to know what games do you play with your partner? 

Easy road to luck?

Very recently, one of our colleague went to Canada for presenting her research work. And also, she got post-doc position there. Of all those who came to knew about this news (in the lab) had their own opinions. Most of them said, ‘this IS called LUCK’ while some were found to give all the credit to her Ph.D. superviser.

But no one thought about the pain, pressure and struggle she went through since last 5 years!

(No one remembered her dark times, when research guide allocated to her (when she joined in for PhD) left the institute after two years. She had to start all over again from zero. No one appreciated her patience, perseverance and willingness to continue with the research, even if she has to take support and guidance of faculties from other institutes!) 

It’s seems convenient to point out at the easy road of luck, over accepting/appreciating the extra-miles taken by the person. Funny, isn’t it? 

Keep saying ‘Thank You’

Notes : Written by Nithya Shanti 

Keep saying “Thank you”. 

When going through difficult times, keep saying “Thank you”. 
When going through pleasant times, keep saying “Thank you”. 
When going through uncertain times, keep saying “Thank you”. 
When stuck, when frustrated, when alone, when sick, when in surgery, or the dentist’s chair, when criticised, when praised, admired, felicitated, adored, loved, just. keep. saying. “Thank you”. 
Everything goes smoother. Everything gets easier. Everything bends and moves and shifts and adapts to support, accommodate, fulfill and propel you back to your own source. 
You torment yourself when you forget to say “Thank you”. 
You liberate yourself when you keep saying “Thank you”. 

Thank you to who? 
To life. To everything. To the source of everything. To you.

Keep saying “Thank you”. Keep feeling thankful. Be a living expression of thankfulness. A big lump of gratitude in human disguise.