Birthday wishes?! 

A few hours before – 

some went to sleep deliberately. 

some were quarreling over per person monetary contribution for the gift. 

some were forcefully invited for decorating the room. 

some skipped the distasteful mess dinner. 

All  gathered together at 12 am. And happily ate… err.. sung  ‘Happy  vala birthday to dear friend’ 


Body language

I said, Chalo ek chocolate do mujhe.

Her face squeezed, smile on her face dropped suddenly. And her eyes conveyed everything which her actions weren’t.

I interrupted, hey leave it. I was joking. Keep them, you bought it for him.

Then with all the failed effort to look normal she said, ‘Nahi uske liye dusri le aaungi!’

I said it,we can eat it anytime. Keep them in the fridge for him.

I’m not interested in you!

I am not at all interested in what’s going in your life or what you are upto or what issues you are struggling with.

I am also not interested in uncovering my philosophies with you.

I’m only curious about what it is which we can relate with each other.