Truth and dare!

दूसरों से छोड़ो, कभी सोचा है खुद से कितना सच बोलते हैं हम ?! 

(Forget about the world, have you ever thought how true you are (/have been) to your self ?)


Creativity needs environment

Creativity blossoms in freedom, in silence and in peace. 

Creative flavor diminishes in chaos. 

In order to build a creative environment we need continuous decluttering of our mind. 

People become curious about background

When someone does something unconventional, something which is out of the box, something which is considered beyond the comfort barriers of society – people suddenly become interested in his/her background/past/history!

Then ‘Where you have been, when you have been and how you have been ‘ gets more importance over ‘his/her present self !