2016 Reflections

2016 gave me opportunities to grow in both personal and professional dimensions.

During the 12 months journey – I invested time on things which helped me to push my comfort zone. 

Personal zone :

  • Invested early morning hours on physical fitness and silence.
  • Wrote thoughts, quotes, to-do list, to-be list, happy moments, gratitude prayer and things which bothered me in my journal.
  • Traveled and explored new places.
  • Silently and gracefully removed myself from the lives of people who weren’t good for my mental health.
  • Cultivated the attitude of gratitude/thankfulness towards life. No matter what turned up, I deeply thanked existence for it!
  • Associated and met people who are far better than me. Never ever thought I will meet the creator of the wordpress theme (I am currently using on this blog) at his location. Thanks Raam.
  • Learned to (mostly) avoid and ignore things which are rubbish for healthy and happy life.
  • Loved, appreciated and brought smiles (sometimes unending laughter) on the faces of people who are part of my inner circle.
  • Death took away some near ones. It’s very difficult, it’s painful to even think that the person with whom we shared our journey will never come back! I could only pray and thank them for all their contribution in making my life better. 

    In professional (academic) area

    • Attended 2 International conference. 
    • Wrote and edited one full research paper (6 pages) by myself.
    • Co-authored and submitted two more research articles.

    In all, 2016 taught me to be :

     More patient,

    Deeply thankful,


    Walk one step at a time!

    2015 Reflections Part 1 : Expanding boundaries

    We are in the last month of 2015, and I’ve began summarizing things I’ve done/experienced/ learned this year.

    There are two things I did which I’ve never done before.

    1. Opted out of  domain subject – ‘Digital Image Processing’ not out of compulsion but out of pure interest and curiosity.

    Photography and microscopic image analysis are my areas of inclinations, so even knowing that I’m zero in programming my heart directed me to go for the course. Whatever be the final results, I’m glad that I enjoyed the course.

    [Earlier, I’ve been a very bad listener of  intuitions, I used to avoid the voice emerging from within and used to give preference to what majority Junta is been doing when it came to academics. I’m content that this year I acknowledged the voice within]

    2. Expressed myself fully – Sent hand written long letters (gratitude notes) to my mother and father. Told friends and colleagues how much they matter to me. Kissed flowers, caressed leaves, watched birds, hugged trees and spent quality time under the umbrella of sky doing nothing. Prepared hand made cards for teachers who touched my life. Appreciated goodness in people, exchanged smiles with strangers, helped others for the sake of helping (and not for getting help in return), made people feel special about themselves and above all fallen in deep love affair with life.

    # I learned that when we choose to do something (a little thing, a little change daily) which we have never done before fear/doubt slips in naturally. However, with time ( continuity in our actions ) confidence takes over our being and there’s no place for limiting thoughts.

    #So, just keep expanding the boundaries.