3 small and simple tips I received to create a happy married life

I received three simple yet powerful tips on creating a happy married life from Srinagesh R (Uncle). He is a loving husband, counselor and a writer.

This is what he suggested –

  1. Ask yourself what you should do to keep your spouse happy. Both husband and wife should ask this question, honestly and work on it.
  2. Fights are normal. But words used are important. Fight on issues, without importing unconnected incidents, people, etc. Never use finite words like – ‘I will never trust you again,  I will never talk to you again, etc.
  3. Never allow communication to be broken for more than one day!

I hope these three small yet powerful tips help us to create a happy relationship.

Ventilation in the room of relationships

How well we get coloured by the flaws of other being without uttering ouchh – decides the quality of our bonding and relationship with the other.

Flaws come along with awesomeness. And what we acknowledge more shapes our connection.

If something hurts/ disappoints us about the other, let’s not make it a mental screen saver and keep it playing  for months and years ; instead, take a pause to reflect onto series of good things & enormous care s/he has done for you.

I’ve learned that difficult conversation simplifies relationships [any relations, not.just romantic ones]. Creating a space and environment to set up discussion on things which sounds uncomfortable builds pathway for heart-centric approach towards life. [Being true to inner self].

I’ve also learned that communication is like a proper ventilation in the room of relations.

Communicate from the core of the heart, never ever presume that ‘they’ will understand. Never ever hesitate to share how you feel. If you feel shy to say, write it down and post it or drop a mail.

Express yourself. Practice, rehearse and speak up creatively as if you are kissing a dew drop meditating on a rose petal.

How I want to get married

Marriage to me has never been about inviting thousands of people in a hall and make their stomachs over filled with hundreds of different dishes!

The concept of royal weddings has never been part of my bucket list.Instead, I’ve a very frugal and minimalist picture of getting married.

I dream of getting married in a natural atmosphere; on a bank of river, under the blue sky – feeling the vibrations of Mantras and the blessings of people [very few] who matter most.

I dream of a marriage which begins with the sun rise and gets completed in an hour or two so that we all can enjoy breakfast and lunch together at a proper time. [No compromise when it comes to khaana 😛.]

I dream of a collective meditation [silence] and Satsang [communicating with each other, taking suggestions from elders, listening to young ones, sharing stories and laughters together] at the end of the marriage in the laps of mother nature.

I dream of sitting on a carpet of grass [even chataayi will also do] and eating healthy bhojan jise kele ke patto par parosaa ho with the closed ones together.

I dream of a marriage which rejuvenates, refreshens and energizes every individual instead of making it a hectic, tiring and energy draining experience.