Whenever the well of expectation is destroyed by others, we are hurt.

And when we itself destroy our self created well, we are healed.

The intensity and frequency of hurt is proportionate to the depth and no. of wells !

When we notice and become aware of these deep rooted seeds of expectations and fancy assumptions, it gets simpler to let go and get rid of them.

The best gift we can give to ourself

The best gift we can offer ourselves is : availability.

Being present to our ownself without any distractions can turn out to be an amazing experience. A small hang out or a date or an appointment with ourself everyday improves the quality of awareness towards life. Be available for couple of minutes to our own self. Breathe deeply. Relax. Cherish the moment. And allow life to flow in you.


I am not the creator of outcomes

There are moments while working on some project or preparing for some exam or practising certain skill – my mind escapes into speculative and predictive mode!

My mind starts broadcasting fancy outcomes, which sound pleasurable to the ears.

And what happens during this ‘minding the mind’ activity is – my whole system gets carried away by the thoughts of  ‘imagined outcomes’ resulting shifting of focus from ‘karma’  to results.

The Way

Now a days when I receive such enticing signals from my mental system I step back to practice heavy, deep breathing. And then open my journal to write (ten times) as a reminder that –

“I am not the creator of the outcomes, all I can do is offer my full attention, focus, creativity and love to the task at hand.”

This slows down all the overwhelming. And gets me back to the mode of ‘mastering the task’

Guilt Paralysis

Guilt sweeps in when we compare our present condition with past or future.Or when we think our present condition miserable with respect to others.Guilt occurs when our fancy thoughts or plans don’t coincide with the reality of present. And by doing such comparison, we trap ourselves in the vicious circle of feeling unworthy about ourselves and life.

By cultivating the habit of accepting the present moment, and trying to make small shifts, improvements in this present moment – we can allow less accumulation of – ‘fancy comparisons, negativity and judgments.’