Birthday wishes?! 

A few hours before – 

some went to sleep deliberately. 

some were quarreling over per person monetary contribution for the gift. 

some were forcefully invited for decorating the room. 

some skipped the distasteful mess dinner. 

All  gathered together at 12 am. And happily ate… err.. sung  ‘Happy  vala birthday to dear friend’ 

Loose talks,  people and inner smileys 

Loose talks, something we all do. 

This week, I realised that ‘loose talks’ when done with close people creates wonderful inner smileys [ 😊😆😘😍],  However, when done with random formality nibhaao people, it drains our internal energy [🙇🙈😖] 

Finally got the perfect photuu to express my emotions ! 

Finally, got the photo to express how I feel when others who invest so much energy in being clever and smart (shaakaal vali smartness) to achieve something and in the end life slowly turns its camera towards simple and humbled beings!  

When life turns its camera towards simple and humbled beings! 😉

‘Bhagvan ke Ghar mein HD camera hai, Jo undekha Tadka bhi pakad leta hai!  ‘

Handling mood swings

We are humans and it’s natural to have mood swings.

Well, I’ve been really pathetic in handling my mood swings almost a year and a half before, however, after experimenting, with lots of permutations and combinations the way itself appeared before me to reduce the swing and enhance the stillness.

To me, de-cluttering and writing are two methods of calming down and swing back from the extremes towards the center.Whenever I feel low, irritated and confused about things I prefer two things  :

1. Clean surroundings like study table, arrange books properly in shelves,  water plants, Polish shoes, wash dishes in the sink, iron clothes etc.

2. Write in detail with pen on a sheet of paper or note book all the things which are bothering me.

Cleaning and Writing are like ‘cut-paste’ tools for removing all the accumulated baggage of junk from inside. When I clean the surrounding, the environment inside me slowly comes into order. While arranging things on outside, the degree of randomness within me narrows down.

When I transfer down every thing in detail,  it feels as if I’m narrating the inner whether report. And after finishing, I feel rich with an inner empty bowl!

These simple tools help me return to home of harmony, your tools need not to be same! The only way to open new doors of handling the junk begins with noticing the junk. Be aware of the unevenness so that a path can be crafted.

Would love to know your ways of handling the inner traffic? What’s your traffic signal?

Shiva Shakti

From childhood,  I feel deeply connected with Shiva.

I don’t know why but HE is been my favorite!

The Chandra,
Jata mein Ganga,
Neel Kanth,
Maathey par tej
Chehre par thahraav
Hath mein Trishul,
Galey mein saamp,
Saath mein Shakti,
Saamne Nandi.

Shiva Shakti

Everything looks so perfect about HIM. Remembering HIM, brings me back to the center.

Have a blessed Shivratri dear all!

What to do when they ignore?

What to do when someone is misbehaving or delibrately avoiding/ ignoring you?

Switch all your energy to the best person in your life.

Who is the best person in your life?


Can’t afford to depend on any one else for happiness.

Spend time with yourself, do things which make your heart sing, invest time in creating an art and eat some healthy stuff!  In this way we learn to direct our mind towards thoughts which are much more powerful & harmonious!

From the conversation with Coach Sukhi Longia, thanks so much Coach.

Stick till the end

While deciding to do something creative, it’s very essential that we (you) stick to the decision till the end. (like a donkey stands still facing towards a particular direction for hours.)

Creativity breathes in space, it takes time. In this process, it may happen that people who were there with you in your creative venture can loose interest and exit but it’s very important that you don’t give it up! (Ekla cholo re)

Creative ideas can strike you at any moment. May be the most weird situations can produce best solutions. There’s always a way and the way is on the way if we are willing to create an art.

Take time to make a decision, however, once done, no looking back then. Stick to the decision (Angad ke pair kii tarah).

Take a leap of faith and move ahead!