Framed in art exhibition today


Today,  one of my work got framed in the city art exhibition.

What you think the pic says?


Main Bhi Milkha – My first marathon

Today, I accomplished my only 2015 goal

As I landed to collect the race kit in Jaipur Youth hostel, Auto vale bhaiyya said, ‘Madam aap itne door se sirf daudne aaye ho!’  Maine kaha…hmm 😛 

There are situtations, when only we know ‘what certain things’ [even though they might appear foolish or nothing before others] mean to us. Nothing can ever beat the joy of being firm on ONE thing for the whole year and then experiencing it giving a final touch!Gudgudi see ho rahi thi 😀 

It’s so illuminating to deeply practice someone’s quote [jo seedha dil ko lagta hai] with full devotion [jaise Hanumaan chaalisa padhnaa roz]. Here’s that life changing ONE quote which I would like to share with you all –

“Be like a postage stamp. Stick to one thing until you get there.”Josh Billings quotes from

With Co-runners at the Marathon 2k16