Creating is tough, sharing is not 

Very recently, I noticed that someone used the nature photographs I clicked few months before while visiting series of villages near Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India for promoting their upcoming travel tour at the same place.

And instead of being happy, I got sad. 

I felt bad that I spent days in exploring the village and someone just used the art work for their business promotions without asking or even giving credit or acknowledgement!

After sometime, I stepped from everthing to allow my mind to return to equilibrium. And in calmness I tried to collect all the moments when I shared or used other artists artwork (write up, photo, idea, status update, research work etc) without giving them due credits or acknowledgment or when required their permission.

And thankfully, I found none!!

All of a sudden environment inside me turned joyous.My heart sent all the gratitude to all the artists who influenced and helped me through their work.

With gratitude the feeling of sadness melted and in the end I walked holding the hands of peace.