Gratitude Moment #1

 I’m grateful to walk, communicate, sit, eat, laugh, share, learn, surrender and relax comfortably.  I’m thankful to feel the gratitude within me for this moment, for this breath, for this life. ❤



Can I absolutely be happy? A question, I asked.

And my heart counter questioned me, ‘ What stops you from being absolutely happy?’

I waited for the response!

While sipping haldi ka dhooodh before going to bed, response touched my ears lightly. It whispered, ‘Your lack-based thoughts stops you from experiencing happiness. ‘

I understood the cause.

The thoughts of LACK attract the same quality of outcomes in my life. How can I be absolutely happy when I’m silently affirming lack -laden thoughts!

Thought => Things

I can be happy when I believe in happiness. The thoughts of abundance will be reflected back in the reality. [Law of attraction]

Thoughts influence the outcomes. Keep a check on the quality of your thoughts! Are they harmonious? Or are they full of worry?

Thoughts are intensly magnetic

What we BELIEVE about ourselves and others magnifies.

The universe doesn’t differentiates between positive and negative, it only offers us what we dominantly think, speak and write about.

Believe without any doubt.


Train the mind with affirmations and visuals of things which you wish to experience daily. And it will surely materialize, it may take time, however, it will definitely manifest into reality.

BELIEVE in first place.

Let every cell in the body sing the song of possibility. No matter what others say, let’s stick like a postage stamp onto things which we desire from the core of our heart.

Our thoughts are magnets, and they’ve the power to produce intense magnetic effects in our lives. So, let’s think which we intensly want to see in our lives.

Experience the magnetic attraction you possess.Create life of your dreams.

I believe, will you?