Welcome to Quietly Glow.

My name is Amrita Kaurwar and I write here. This blog is an outcome of my innate desire to build a space where I can pour out everything, anything which is within me quietly! 


I come from Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh,India.

From childhood, I have been inclined towards sports and lot of physical activities like –

*Cricket (I am a left hand bats(wo)man and can leg spin as well)

 *Swimming (I have crossed river Narmada in a one go, Ghar ke peeche hee Narmada nadi behti thi and also enjoyed swimming with the high currents of River Ganga, haridwar ke ghaat se)

*Flying kites (Sabse oonchi Patang udaayi hai aur Sabse tez daudkar doosro ki kati patangg looti bhi hai )

*Chakka Chalana (I have really enjoyed this activity during my schooling days)

* Cycling ( I learned to cycle on my own, do rupaye ghanta milti thi kiraaye  pe and I just love cycling. I still do lot of cycling trips)

*Volley ball (I have played alot during my school days and now miss this game badly)

* Running (This is one thing which I have developed with time, and, have been regular in running from past two years)

I cultivated new interests during my masters, like, the habit of reading books. One of my favorite reads are books which contain short stories.

Currently I am into PhD, and, in this journey too, I have worked upon new habits and hobbies. The place I am in (Jodhpur, Rajasthan) pulled out the ‘observant’ in me and gave me the opportunity to experience/ capture the beauty of nature /& culture through photography.

Apart from the above mentioned interests and hobbies, I do little bit of research too! At present, I am working on making an eco-friendly and potable water purification system for rural parts of Rajasthan, India

After PhD, I want to join teaching. I dream of creating interesting teaching modules using various teaching tools/techniques to make learning full of fun and joy. I want to bring smiles and happiness on the face of kids, children and adults through education.(Stress nahi deni hai, aur, naa leni hai!)

I look forward to create a life which is simple ( kam se kam panchayat and people issues) , healthy ( junk ko naa) , caring (jyada se jyada sneh aur positivity baant sakuun) , creative, full of laughter and less of things (sirf zarurat ki cheezein, shopping k nakhre to aate hee nahi re baba)

Thank you for dropping by, I would love to hear from you! Lots of khushi, sukoon ke pal apno ke saath and dher sara sneh !

19 thoughts on “About

    1. Thanks so much for all your time, and for dropping by. I’m happy that coming here made you joyous! Enroll and self-nominate yourself to welcome and embrace every moment of your life. This is all I wish for you. Sending you all green lights and love.

      (Thanks for nominating, but your happiness is the real award for me! Stay free!)

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    1. Dear Suhas,

      Thanks so much for the nomination, however I’m much more glad to be able to connect with you and know you through your creations. And this is beyond any award. Sending you all the green lights, stay blessed.


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