Manifesting inner peace

Events in life are shaped by the intensity of inner peace and calmness.

The real work is to work on manifesting inner harmony and peace every day.

The better we become in being calm, the smarter we become in dealing with life events and people around!

One thing for now

So, for today I have only one thing to focus upon.

The one thing is to prepare the presentation talk for my Ph.D. defense.

Though my mind keeps telling me that I have whole day to do it, yet, I am not going to push it for later hours of the day.

I am going to begin now!

That’s all for now, I will update about the things later.

Beginning with clear mind

Today, I began with writing
2019 (yearly) goal.

Then I made the list of small tasks I have to work on in the coming months to reach the long term target of the year.

As I kept cutting down the yearly goal into small tasks, I felt relieved. The whole awareness narrowed down and pointed towards ‘what I have to focus right now’ !

It’s been good to begin with simple and clear mind.