Do you contradict yourself ?

Do you contradict  yourself? 

Yes, I do! 

I contradict myself on many things I believed in my past. I find, with time, I no longer believe on them. In fact, I have cultivated new beliefs over the period of time. 

And it’s perfectly okay to arrive at new viewpoints about things and dropping the old opinions! 🙂 


6 thoughts on “Do you contradict yourself ?

  1. Change being the one constant in the universe, it seems to me that contradictions must of necessity accompany change or no change can result. Earth-type science all flushed with its current “successes” drives people to believe that any change of thinking direction is wrong. This is more in line with religious thinking and political correctness than science. In our current existence in duality, we recognize that opposites attract. We use this principle in many ways, one of which is the male-female attraction, whether fatal or not. In Star Wars, the Force has a light and a dark side. In religion the good god is always faced with the evil one. Mechanical energy transfer makes use of reciprocal energy. So do economics. The funny thing is, the people who use change or “contradiction” as their energy transfer methods are those who most powerfully oppose the concept of using contradiction to proceed along the path of growth and civilization. Currently, led by the ignorant Trump, the US is pushing desperately to stop the very change their policies have set in motion for a century or more. Trump’s “wall” and his attacks on “illegals” are examples of this. His slogan, “Make America great again” is a simplistic attempt to bring America back to a (never-existed) stage of self-sufficient isolationism. By attempting to prevent any more change within the country he’s filled it with chaos and endless contradiction which equals destruction. You find this in every country in the world. There is no way to prevent contradictions and what you resist, persists. The more contradictions are resisted, or denied, the more chaos must ensue in whatever is engaging the resistance.


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