I am imperfect

No, I am not going to pronounce ‘imperfect’ so slowly, that it gives the sense that ‘i’m perfect’ 😉  Because the fight is all about ‘Who’s is more perfect?’ Let’s drop this issue of projecting our perfectness before others, and acknowledging the whole – the dark and the light.  

I have flaws. I have weak areas. I don’t know many things. I make mistakes on a regular basis. I have mood swings. I fear. I am not positive and happy all the time. In all, I am not perfect. And I am comfortable with it.  

Let’s begin to accept our imperfect self otherwise, how can we improve?

And also begin to learn to encourage and allow others to appreciate their imperfect self, otherwise, how will they open and get comfortable in their expressions? 


6 thoughts on “I am imperfect

  1. It’s a good thought, Amrita, but I’m not sure I would agree with it. It depends, I suppose, on what we mean by perfect. There’s the material/physical perfect which must remain an illusion or drive someone crazy. But then, there is the other “perfect” – that of the kind of human being I would want to be, I long to be: a perfection of morality; of understanding; of virtue and compassion. Yes, I definitely want that kind of perfection and no, I do not accept myself “as I am” unless, as you hint at, it means that I’m using my current state of imperfection to force me to seek the next step up, and up and up – to perfection. Why should I limit myself? If we have such feelings, energies, forces, inside us that point us towards perfection, why should we not do all in our own power to reach such a state? By the struggle we put into it, we will know we are seeking it and knowing that, we will experience the ultimate joy; the joy of purpose and direction. … An old girl thinking out loud here…

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    1. Thanks, Shaa. for your take on being limitless and your longing for being a perfectionist when it comes to virtues and compassion.

      Through this post, I wanted to convey that it’s okay if you are not a piece of perfection in any area of your life. Don’t try to cover up or project yourself as a piece of perfection. Further, also allow others (create such an environment) to be as they are when they are in your company. I have seen people, who think that they need to be a perfectionist (in any area say, cooking, or speaking or writing or in fitness…to be acknowledged, loved and accepted! 🙂


      1. Yes indeed there is always that danger of “perfectionism” which is the opposite of striving for perfection in those things that matter. Certain perfectionists want the world to see them as perfect: these would be the neurotic perfectionist, perhaps a type of OCD personality.

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