Happy 30th Wedding Anniversary

I offer all my love and happy wishes on this beautiful day to my parents ❤ 

Stay healthy, wealthy and full of love, always ❤


Prominent Satisfaction

If I look back, I observe that I have broken lot of promises I have done to myself; may it be the promise of simply witnessing the sunrise or may it be writing down 500 words daily or may it be submitting technical articles before deadlines. I know the guilt of dishonoring my words (commitments) may it be small or big! 

I hated this feeling of embarrassment which comes within whenever I failed to keep a promise to myself. 

So, in order to work upon this, I changed the way I promised myself. I stopped promising many things to myself. And I shifted to promising ONE small thing for a day. For eg.

  • today, write one blog post 
  • today, hit the gym
  • today, sit in silence for 10 mins

By keeping one small promise in a day, I experienced the biggest self-satisfaction. 

I learned that the greatest contentment comes from keeping a promise to your own self. It feels no less than a reward, to honor your words and execute it into an action, no matter how small it may be. 

What you promised today? 

If there’s a sin, it’s this..

Well, I don’t believe in the philosophy of sin, however, if there’s is any such thing here it is :

‘To make other person believe that he/she deserves less’

This is equivalent to killing the greatness within a living being!

I have seen such sins being committed by teachers, professional trainers and elders – who make students/children feel that ‘they are not worth it, they don’t deserve’ in anger!

This can leave weak imprints on their mental dashboard, which might lower their self-esteem.

If you can’t encourage, atleast don’t discourage!

Returning Back On the Blog

I haven’t been active from past couple of months on the blog.  Though I have been writing privately in my journal, but didn’t sort of took out time to draft and publish on it. 

Well, life is changing.

My perspective towards things, events and people around me is experiencing a shift. These days, I have become more of a private person. I don’t jump into social media to post the things which are going in my mind. In fact, if I notice, my presence on social media like Facebook and twitter, I have observed that I just scroll the timeline and log off!

I have found that I have started communicating, talking and taking great care of people who are part of my inner circle. I have starting focusing on deepening the relations instead of widening//expanding them! 

I am happy to re-start, come back to my quiet hut, my quiet blog! ❤