How to make everyday the happiest day of your life

The post is originally written by Nithya Shanti, he is a spiritual teacher. 

(1) Make a list of five qualities you wish to fully embody in this life for profound inner peace and exemplary outer accomplishments. For example: Wisdom, Compassion, Gratitude, Joyful Service and Letting Go.

(2) Then find an image or phrase or symbol that represents all five together in perfect harmony. For example: “Being like a Sun, loving everyone, spreading delight, merging into light.”

(3) Now start your day with at least 3 mins of seeing, saying and feeling this inspiring image, phrase or symbol in your heart and every little cell. See yourself living these five qualities in an authentic and caring way all day. Fill your day with short intervals of remembering these qualities, especially when there is nothing else you are occupied in. And end your day with at least 3 mins of reflecting on where in the day you were in alignment with these qualities and where there is still some room for joyful improvement.

You have done your best. Now you can rejoice and take a rest


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