Your take on love! 

I was watching a short video in which a man states that he loves eating fish.

And the other person claims, that the man doesn’t loves fish, he loves himself. Since, the fish tastes good to him, he goes all the way to take out the 🐠 from water!

And this is not love towards fish, it’s love towards self. Gratifying self! 

This made me think about what love is then?!

I feel that love is about giving. And we can only give, when our cup is fully filled! 

I would like to know your take on love?

मी, ताे आणि फाेन..

मी (व्हाटसैप वर) : एैक ना, मी दादांना मैसेज करते, नंतर वाटल तर वहिनीं चा नंबर वर लाउन विश करेन.थाेड़ी हेसीटेशन हाेत आहे एकदम सकाळी-सकाळी वाढदिवसाची शुभेच्छा द्यायला.

ताे : अरे, थांब मी लावताे तुला फाेन!

*** फाेन वाजताे***

मी : हा!

ताे : काय रे, विश करायला इतक विचार करतात का! अपला दादा आहेस ताे. घे, बाेल!

दादा : और कैसी है? क्या चल रहा है तेरा?

मी : हाे. Happy Birthday Dada! :)…..हा, आणखिन सर्व मस्त.

दादा : Thanks, चल मिलते हैं फिर. 

मी : हा.

ताे : हा, अस घाबरायच नाहीं रे. जसा ताे माझा दादा आहे,तसाच़ तुझा पण आहे. पुढे़ हाेउन विश करायच. 

मी : हाे, तू आहे ना मी घाबरली तर, बळ द्यायला!

ताे : हाेय.चला निघताे मी. नंतर बाेलेन.

मी : हाे.

जेव्हा ताे मह्णत हाेता कि ‘अस घाबरायच नाही, इतका संकाेच कशाला करायच’ तर गजब चा अनुराग हाेता त्येचा आवाज़ात.राेमांस हाेत.

(राेमांस चा एक फिल्मी frame हाेता माझा मनात, ताे आज़ टुटला. आणिक एक नवीन, सहज आणि सरल भाव रूपी राेमांस नी मनात जन्म घेतला.)

8 Things Guys Secretly Love

Reading Notes :  8 Things Guys Secretly Love , Author : James Sama

1. Laying your head on his chest.
Men enjoy feeling as though we are being protective. By laying your head on his chest, this signifies that you feel safe in his arms.

2. When you text him first.
There’s a lot of pressure on guys to be the conversation initiator. However, sometimes he might not know if he’s being too pushy or texting you too much.

Guys like to feel attention too! So sending him a quick text will let him know that you’re thinking about him. It’s going to brighten his day and spark a good conversation.

3. When you tell him that you appreciate him.
Although a man should be able to read your feelings from your actions, some guys need a more direct approach. So, tell him how much you value his effort in the relationship.

4. Play with his hair while he’s driving.
I didn’t realize how great this was until a woman I was dating did it to me one day. Reach over and lightly scratch the back of his head. It’s guaranteed to make him smile. But of course, don’t distract him too much while he’s driving

5. Brag about them in public.
If he does something special, like an impromptu dinner he arranged for the two of you, then snap a photo of the tablescape and share it. It’s going to show him that you appreciate him and are willing to share your appreciation with the world.

Now, some people can go overboard with this so be humbly appreciative and respectful of others.

6. Really,really listen.
Women know better than anyone, that really listening isn’t just a passive activity. When you sit down together, keep his eye contact, and genuinely engaged in the conversation. It effectively shows how much you care.

7. Text him when you’re out with your friends.
This is, of course, assuming that you have a guy who is mature enough to understand your need to go out with your friends. So when you are out, text him now and then just saying hello. It’ll make him smile and let him know that you’re thinking about him even when he’s not around.

8. Be affectionate.
You don’t have to jump all over him in public, but small things like taking his hand while you’re walking make a big difference. You can also hug him in line at the grocery store, hook your arm into his when you’re walking down the street, or give him a peck on the cheek while waiting for the movie to start.

Little things go a long way, and paying a little extra attention to how much you value him is going to make the guy in your life feel extra special.

May be one day I could tell her! 

Two days before :

I danced in joy as I came to know that the beautiful little cat I clicked few months back was selected as a piece of art to be framed in a Photography exhibition in my city. 

I looked for the cat in the campus to thank her for the compassionate pose. 

Today :

 My heart wept as I saw that cat again, struggling to walk with three legs. My piece of art was before me, however, I could not jump with joy. 

I wanted to stop her. 

I wanted to run and kiss her legs. 

I wanted to hold her into my arms and give her tight hug. 

I wanted to ask her, how it happened to you. Who did it! 

However, I could not!

My legs were frozen.

I cried. 

All I could do was to pray for her in silence! 

May be one day I could build the courage to tell her how perfect she’s is in my ♥.