दो किस्से

किस्सा – १  :

पिछले हफ्ते  लैब में कलीग की सगाई हुई, तो लोग उन्हें बधाई देने के साथ- साथ उत्सुकतावश यह भी पूछते नज़र आये  की – ‘लड़की कैसी है दिखने में ?! 

किस्सा – २  :

और आज सुबह कॉलोनी में ही रहने वाली एक दीदी की शादी जमने की खबर फैलने पर लोग ये जाने को लालायित थे की ‘लड़का करता क्या है?!’

ये वही प्रश्न है जो मैं स्कूल से – बड़ों के मूँह से सुनती आ रही हूँ ! और समय के साथ – स्कूल – कॉलेज के पाठ्यक्रम बदल गए पर ये प्रश्न आज भी वैसे के वैसे ही हैं।

इन बांसे हो चुके प्रश्नों से भेदभाव / ‘एक ही दृष्टिकोण’ की बू अभी तक गयी नहीं !

Three things on my rememberance list

I have been a keen observant of my life’s philosophy; it has changed alot and it keeps changing.Though there are certain things which got permanently installed in my life’s philosophy (in my attitude and in actions) 

Those top 3 things are –

1. Fitness : I believe in health, healing, fitness and abundance. 

2. Gratitude : I believe that everything is a Prasaad from the highest source. 

3. Living for my inner circle : There are people who matter most to me and for them I am ready to give my cent percent.

Touching moment

Today, I had an appointment with the doctor. I didn’t found any auto near by, so I started walking down the bridge. After taking couple of steps, I turned behind to see ki auto aa to nahi raha !

And then I saw an auto coming my way, andar teen ladies baithi thi..par ye dekhte huae bhi maine himmat nahi haari aur auto ko rokne ke liye haath dikhaya..auto chaalak ne mujhe dekh liya tha…par ruka nahi..usmein baithi ek aunty (65 ke aaspaaas age hogi) ne auto se jhaak kar mujhe dekha..main tab bhi haath hila rahi thi auto rokne ko. Aunty ne auto rokne ko kaha, ye dekhkar main daud laga kar auto ke taraf bhaagi. Aur jaise hee baithne ko hui to dekha vo aunty auto ke piche jo samaan rakhne ki jagah hoti hai vahaan chadhkar baith gayi thi…maine kaha aunty aap peeche kyu..meri baat ko kaat kar unhone kahaa – ‘baith jaao seat pe..main theek hu..!’

Kuch hee minutes mein..Bridge utarkar ..left side par hospital aa chuka tha, auto ruka..main soch rahi thi kitne paise dungi…utne mein hee auto chaalak ne kaha ..rehne dijiye ! Peeche baithi aunty ne aashirwaad mein haath uthaaye aur kaha koi nahi beti..!

Main sneh ke in palo ko yaadon ke sunahre pannon mein samet aage badh di! 

Sach muuch Sneh, Prem, bado ka aashirwaad aur dulaar : amulya hai!

This is what life is all about

I used to keep the window of my toilet open, however, when I noticed that a pigeon (Kabootar..) sits there and raat khidki par hee guzaarta hai..pata nahi tabse hee..something within me pushed me to close the window so that kabootar achche se baith sakey, bina bhay ke !

Now, pigeon knows me! 

He is cofident ki vo safe hai, uska dhyaan rakha jaata hai! Aur agar ab khidki khol bhi dein, to vo side mein khisak jaata hai, ghabaraake bhaag nahi jaata, baitha rehta hai..nishchint !

And this is what life is all about! Isn’t it? To create an environment of love, care and belief ; so people (living beings) can feel safe, relaxed, comfortable and at ease in our presence.

Such little acts of care, transfom us deeply. 

Happiness is an attitude

Thoughts play major role in shaping the quality of life. We invite (attract) what we mostly think about.

Thoughts >> Attitude 

Think health, love, peace, healing, life and laughter. And it will become your attitude.

Don’t waste a single amount of energy in thinking about disease, hurt, pain, violence, death and depression. 

When happiness is our attitude, what will happen? For example -when we hear about the death of someone ? We will have feelings about the loss, however, mind won’t be possessed! As it’s attitude is of happiness.

Train your mind with thoughts which support you in experiencing life to it’s fullness!

Getting in the vicinity of simplification

Around fifteen days before, I received a call from a lady stating that she wanted to illustrate the cashback benefits of credit card to me. She asked me for the time, and I said, I’ll be available by the end of Dec, 2016. (pre-assuming that she understands the sign that I am uninterested and won’t call back again 😉 ) 

After 15 days after she called me back!

And I patiently started listening to her offers on cashback over the shopping one does per month (provided, one couriers all my shopping bills to her)! She asked me to send an IVR for confirmation of this scheme. And before I could say ‘Yes or No’ – I asked her to give me one day time to think. (again, trying to give her indications that I am not interested!) 

After 24 hours, she called me back!  

I ignored the phone. (because somewhere I was hesitant to say NO to her!) 

After few minutes, she called me again! 

And this time I received her call, with the mindset that I will explain her why I don’t need this scheme! I tried my best to explain her -‘that see I am not a shopaholic and my monthly expenses are very low, I stay in hostel, I eat in mess, I only spend in paying institution fee, buying some fruits, recharging my phone, buying clothes once in 4-5 months, ‘, however, she also presented me hundreds of reasons why I should take this scheme! 

Seeing that the conversation is not making sense anymore, I immediately took the straight route. I told her that, ‘I am thankful to you for telling me countless benefits of the scheme , however, at this point of time this is not in my priority!’ 

And the conversation ended gracefully, thanking each other  for the time. 

Many times, we take the indirect route.A route where we pre-assume that the other person can understand our choices, lifestyle, habits, love, care, avoidance or preferences by just some indirect hints/signals. And this complicates the whole life and wastes time & energy also (not only ours, but of others also!) .

I learned that one doesn’t needs to be rude to say NO, it can be delivered politely. I learned that one doesn’t have to avoid or block the numbers to get rid of some situations, it can be handled by taking care of current priorities! 

And this is how we can simplify things in every domain of our life (prioritizing them as they arrive), handling one by one. While working on simplification, we are actually silently going away from complexity!  Focus matters!