People become curious about background

When someone does something unconventional, something which is out of the box, something which is considered beyond the comfort barriers of society – people suddenly become interested in his/her background/past/history!

Then ‘Where you have been, when you have been and how you have been ‘ gets more importance over ‘his/her present self !

2 thoughts on “People become curious about background

  1. Quite the philosopher, Amrita. And so true, having experienced that every time I say something people don’t want to hear (mostly all the time) – they attack (or cite) my nationality, my parents, my religion, my economic background, my TG status, the way I choose to live… anything so as to not have to face the truth of the statement that just hit them in the face. So I wait a bit… ignore the rant, then start all over, with the original statement, or question. Hey, you can’t let them get away with their hypocrisy.

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