Our own horizon

Get a degree.

Enter into a Job.

Love/Get married.



This is the way?


There is something more, something which needs to be filled in between?


There is something which needs to omitted to create more space in between?


There is no such sequence?


There is a new way ?

– Whatever it is you create or choose, go and live it.

 Life has its own taste and texture when we set our own horizon, however, the problem comes when we continuously try to compare and scale our horizon with the skyline of others!

Comparison kills the very flavour of life. Inspiration fuels new energy into it.


3 thoughts on “Our own horizon

    1. Ha ha..! No Sha..just noticed how comparison kills our very nature of being joyous and content. There is no such ideal path, whatever we choose we should take full responsibility of it.


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