2016 Reflections

2016 gave me opportunities to grow in both personal and professional dimensions.

During the 12 months journey – I invested time on things which helped me to push my comfort zone. 

Personal zone :

  • Invested early morning hours on physical fitness and silence.
  • Wrote thoughts, quotes, to-do list, to-be list, happy moments, gratitude prayer and things which bothered me in my journal.
  • Traveled and explored new places.
  • Silently and gracefully removed myself from the lives of people who weren’t good for my mental health.
  • Cultivated the attitude of gratitude/thankfulness towards life. No matter what turned up, I deeply thanked existence for it!
  • Associated and met people who are far better than me. Never ever thought I will meet the creator of the wordpress theme (I am currently using on this blog) at his location. Thanks Raam.
  • Learned to (mostly) avoid and ignore things which are rubbish for healthy and happy life.
  • Loved, appreciated and brought smiles (sometimes unending laughter) on the faces of people who are part of my inner circle.
  • Death took away some near ones. It’s very difficult, it’s painful to even think that the person with whom we shared our journey will never come back! I could only pray and thank them for all their contribution in making my life better. 

    In professional (academic) area

    • Attended 2 International conference. 
    • Wrote and edited one full research paper (6 pages) by myself.
    • Co-authored and submitted two more research articles.

    In all, 2016 taught me to be :

     More patient,

    Deeply thankful,


    Walk one step at a time!

    People become curious about background

    When someone does something unconventional, something which is out of the box, something which is considered beyond the comfort barriers of society – people suddenly become interested in his/her background/past/history!

    Then ‘Where you have been, when you have been and how you have been ‘ gets more importance over ‘his/her present self !

    Creating is tough, sharing is not 

    Very recently, I noticed that someone used the nature photographs I clicked few months before while visiting series of villages near Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India for promoting their upcoming travel tour at the same place.

    And instead of being happy, I got sad. 

    I felt bad that I spent days in exploring the village and someone just used the art work for their business promotions without asking or even giving credit or acknowledgement!

    After sometime, I stepped from everthing to allow my mind to return to equilibrium. And in calmness I tried to collect all the moments when I shared or used other artists artwork (write up, photo, idea, status update, research work etc) without giving them due credits or acknowledgment or when required their permission.

    And thankfully, I found none!!

    All of a sudden environment inside me turned joyous.My heart sent all the gratitude to all the artists who influenced and helped me through their work.

    With gratitude the feeling of sadness melted and in the end I walked holding the hands of peace.

    Our own horizon

    Get a degree.

    Enter into a Job.

    Love/Get married.



    This is the way?


    There is something more, something which needs to be filled in between?


    There is something which needs to omitted to create more space in between?


    There is no such sequence?


    There is a new way ?

    – Whatever it is you create or choose, go and live it.

     Life has its own taste and texture when we set our own horizon, however, the problem comes when we continuously try to compare and scale our horizon with the skyline of others!

    Comparison kills the very flavour of life. Inspiration fuels new energy into it.