With time, old definitions fade away

As I was scrolling my Facebook timeline today, I stopped on a quote shared by a friend on success  and suddenly I realised it’s been a long time since I used this very  term in my thoughts and  daily conversations. 

Now, I don’t know what success is! In fact, this very word sounds irrelevant to me in my present life. And so is the case with the word failure . This also doesn’t exists within my life’s dictionary!

It’s not that I have intentionally omitted them. It all happened naturally.With time, I learned the significance of peace, gratitude and healthy habits in creating our lives more meaningful and joyous. And this somehow took my mind away from the race-competition- success- and- failure framework. 

Moment of joy, peace, laughter, care, let go, love, practise, patience, gratitude and silence complete the circuit of my life. 

I laugh out loud remembering past moments,  when my mind and heart were sandwiched between the law of success and failure I borrowed from the society. 


Last week, after regular browsing I finally liked a winter jacket and placed an order via Amazon. 

On the next day, the seller of the jacket called me to ask about the size of the jacket I wear.  I said, I selected  medium. The lady said, it would be helpful if you could message the size of your shoulder, waist and chest. I can’t forget how politely she responded, ‘In this way we can dispatch jacket of perfect size for you.’ 

The jacket was delivered two days before. I very much liked the jacket. The quality and the standards matched with the specifications and reviews given. 

Yesterday, I showed the jacket to one of my friend. And she was extremely upset about my decision to place such an order. She said, ‘how can you spend so much on a jacket manufactured from a local company? In the same price range you could have got a branded jacket!’ 

As I am not a brand conscious person, her response didn’t affected me. However, it left me thinking the significance of brand value in our lives! And what about the branding of inhouse, local manufacturers? What about the concern shown by the seller towards me (customer)? What about actually supporting the Make in India move! 

Whatever it is, I am enjoying unbranded winters 🙂

Felt useless 

I felt useless today. 

It happens with me atleast once in a month when everything seems so trivial and temporary.And today was one such day. 

I blessed trees, birds, tiny insects, pebbles and people because one day we won’t witness each other. 

I looked deeply at the bright full moon,  remembering all the souls (with whom I was associated) who left the planet; collecting their valuable contribution in shaping my life. 

I thought about the most opted circle of life – Getting into studies, then marriage, having kids and then devoting all the time for children, their needs and desires. 

I felt so useless about doing things that I could not even finish editing of one of my research paper. 

I felt scared about death. I felt terrible on the thought of losing people and life one day. I felt like a garbage bin when thinking about my research activities. 

I just wanted to lie down for hours doing nothing, emptying my inner self.