Death takes me closer to life

From more than a year, I’m doing a small exercise of experiencing death everyday. 

Early morning, before leaving my bed I feel each part of my body dying.

I begin with my feet and as I reach the brain, the whole body gets frozen. I can also feel the separation of soul (life energy) from the body. After witnessing my death body for couple of minutes,  I imagine the entrance of life energy within me. Then, I slowly instruct each part of my body to come alive. I begin with the brain and as I reach towards feet, the whole body feels fluid, dynamic, refresh and grateful.   

This small exercise has taken me closer to life. This small activity has raised the level of compassion and sensitiveness (within me)  towards every living entity. 

Now, I don’t get quickly irritated by the mosquito bite. I walk consciously, to protect ants’kingdom. If I can’t help others, I silently pray for them. If I can’t be with those who need me, I send them strong loving and healing vibrations. If my parents say something which I don’t agree, instead of showing strong disagreement, I try to understand their love and concern towards me. 

Witnessing death everyday has inspired me towards body fitness and towards to travel ing light while alive (lighter than the speed of light :P). 

Remembering death has also helped me to drop off unnecessary baggage of issues and shifted me towards love and laughter.

And this is what matters!

2 thoughts on “Death takes me closer to life

  1. That is a powerful exercise and motivator in discovering all the wonderful and beautiful things in life that worry about death (or things that can cause death) tend to hide. I follow a somewhat similar regimen: I had decided and prepared to die at age 50. It seemed a good time for me to die. Of course it didn’t happen and that wasn’t the point. The point was to enter into a mindset I call “sudden death overtime.” That is, I’m dead now, and I’ve been dead for 20 years. While dead, there are a lot of things people find important that are meaningless to me, while there are other things that people ignore or avoid, which I find critically important. It’s important to me to live in compassion – always. A choice that became a way of life. It’s important to me that there be peace between myself and anyone else, and if there is conflict I choose to be the one at fault and that way I see a resolution to the problem – easy when the other party is never at fault: I change or apologize and they don’t have to. It’s important to me to notice living things and to remind myself constantly that I have no more right to life here than any other lifeform-you mention that part. It is not easy that. We are a heavy, clumsy, careless, unfeeling lifeform and we’ve abused our environment, our “earth neighbours,” so long it’s hard to break the habit of not caring what you step on, or what you kill “just because”… But we cannot afford to be so cavalier with others now, things are spinning too fast and going out of control. There are no technical, technological, political or religious fixes to what we are facing. There is only our willingness to walk closer to the earth in humility and compassion. Thanks Amrita. We can walk alone but it’s nice to know we’re not.

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