100 days to 100 day workout challenge

 It all  began 100 days before and today, I’m standing at the end ! 

Here are some of the questions which I asked my self : 

Why this sort of challenge came to my mind ?

By the end of 2015, I switched from walking to running. With practice, my body became comfortable in running 4-5 kms almost every day, however, I wanted to work on various forms of exercises and strength training which could enhance my stamina.

So, in order explore upon various exercises and widen the time slot I spend on physical fitness the challenge was taken.  

Was I able to stick to 60 minutes everyday ?

Honestly, No! However, I managed to hit the gym almost 90% of the time. And I switched between 40 – 60 minutes sessions

Did I kept the track of my daily workout sessions?

In the beginning, I sincerely did, (by downloading the related app) however, as the days passed, I actually forgot! 😀 

Was I guilty when I skipped the exercise ? 

No, not at all, because, as Raam says, ‘You don’t need to have a perfect record’

What changed in these 100 days? 

Two things changed within me.

  1. Incredible improvement in my ability to commit to one thing and give my everything to it almost everyday for a fixed amount of time. 
  2. Developed courage to shift the wall to do something epic. Cycled 33 kms in a day. 

What about weight loss ? 

The mid section of my body looks lean, and yea, I dropped 3 kgs during the journey. (Melted a total of 13 kgs in this 1 year-7 months-8 days, 52 kgs!!! 😀 Yayy!!!! :D) 

What about now ?

I’ll continue making body fitness and exercise a high priority! 

At Mandor Garden : cycling destination

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