Birthday wishes?! 

A few hours before – 

some went to sleep deliberately. 

some were quarreling over per person monetary contribution for the gift. 

some were forcefully invited for decorating the room. 

some skipped the distasteful mess dinner. 

All  gathered together at 12 am. And happily ate… err.. sung  ‘Happy  vala birthday to dear friend’ 

Loose talks,  people and inner smileys 

Loose talks, something we all do. 

This week, I realised that ‘loose talks’ when done with close people creates wonderful inner smileys [ 😊😆😘😍],  However, when done with random formality nibhaao people, it drains our internal energy [🙇🙈😖] 

Finally got the perfect photuu to express my emotions ! 

Finally, got the photo to express how I feel when others who invest so much energy in being clever and smart (shaakaal vali smartness) to achieve something and in the end life slowly turns its camera towards simple and humbled beings!  

When life turns its camera towards simple and humbled beings! 😉

‘Bhagvan ke Ghar mein HD camera hai, Jo undekha Tadka bhi pakad leta hai!  ‘

Death takes me closer to life

From more than a year, I’m doing a small exercise of experiencing death everyday. 

Early morning, before leaving my bed I feel each part of my body dying.

I begin with my feet and as I reach the brain, the whole body gets frozen. I can also feel the separation of soul (life energy) from the body. After witnessing my death body for couple of minutes,  I imagine the entrance of life energy within me. Then, I slowly instruct each part of my body to come alive. I begin with the brain and as I reach towards feet, the whole body feels fluid, dynamic, refresh and grateful.   

This small exercise has taken me closer to life. This small activity has raised the level of compassion and sensitiveness (within me)  towards every living entity. 

Now, I don’t get quickly irritated by the mosquito bite. I walk consciously, to protect ants’kingdom. If I can’t help others, I silently pray for them. If I can’t be with those who need me, I send them strong loving and healing vibrations. If my parents say something which I don’t agree, instead of showing strong disagreement, I try to understand their love and concern towards me. 

Witnessing death everyday has inspired me towards body fitness and towards to travel ing light while alive (lighter than the speed of light :P). 

Remembering death has also helped me to drop off unnecessary baggage of issues and shifted me towards love and laughter.

And this is what matters!

Habit of Journaling, noticing small joys and expressing love : Another 100 days focus

I’m beginning with a combination of new habits, which may sound different, however, they are closely interconnected. 

For the next 100 days I’ll focus on the habit of writing every thing,  (small, big, trivial, significant etc.) noting down things which pops over my mental screen and tickles my heart. 

And for this, the tools I’ll use is : 

1.Journal/notebook : Take it wherever I go.

2.Small cards : Note down small moments of joy and drop it in a handmade box. 

3.Expression :Express love and gratitude towards life and people through gratitude notes and love letters. Tell people how much they matter to me. 


100 days to 100 day workout challenge

 It all  began 100 days before and today, I’m standing at the end ! 

Here are some of the questions which I asked my self : 

Why this sort of challenge came to my mind ?

By the end of 2015, I switched from walking to running. With practice, my body became comfortable in running 4-5 kms almost every day, however, I wanted to work on various forms of exercises and strength training which could enhance my stamina.

So, in order explore upon various exercises and widen the time slot I spend on physical fitness the challenge was taken.  

Was I able to stick to 60 minutes everyday ?

Honestly, No! However, I managed to hit the gym almost 90% of the time. And I switched between 40 – 60 minutes sessions

Did I kept the track of my daily workout sessions?

In the beginning, I sincerely did, (by downloading the related app) however, as the days passed, I actually forgot! 😀 

Was I guilty when I skipped the exercise ? 

No, not at all, because, as Raam says, ‘You don’t need to have a perfect record’

What changed in these 100 days? 

Two things changed within me.

  1. Incredible improvement in my ability to commit to one thing and give my everything to it almost everyday for a fixed amount of time. 
  2. Developed courage to shift the wall to do something epic. Cycled 33 kms in a day. 

What about weight loss ? 

The mid section of my body looks lean, and yea, I dropped 3 kgs during the journey. (Melted a total of 13 kgs in this 1 year-7 months-8 days, 52 kgs!!! 😀 Yayy!!!! :D) 

What about now ?

I’ll continue making body fitness and exercise a high priority! 

At Mandor Garden : cycling destination

How Facebook and Watsapp reformed relations of an introvert family

Mine is an introvert family, where we don’t say ‘love you’  or ‘take good care’ or ‘good morning’ or ‘good night’  to each other. It’s not that we don’t feel the love or care, it’s just that we hesitate to transfer those feelings through words.Though, I’ve slowly learned the significance of words in cultivating a beautiful relationship, I’ve been hesitant to express my love towards them! And they too were shy! 😀 

This is very normal in a middle class Indian family. 

I remember, my father usually express his love and care by gently stroking the back of my head. My mother showcase love through her concerns towards me. Younger brother expresses his love in the form of orders and safety directions.;) However, from the last 6 months, I’ve witnessed a strong change in the way we understand and transfer our inner feelings towards each other. 

We have become more creative in crafting our feelings towards each other through Facebook video chat (as I stay away for my study) and Watsapp messages. We have opened up. A sense of comfort has aroused while sharing our beliefs, dreams, fears, pain and plans. 

Through Facebook, we came to knew about each others talents and inclinations. Like, I knew that my mother writes well in Hindi, brother loves music composition and father likes to discuss on social and political issues. Also, my family understood that I love nature and photography. They also noticed the witty side of me.In addition, we never wished birthdays in the mid of the night. Parents used to take us to the temple early morning, during any special occasions. However, this time, my brother sent me a self -created poem highlighting my potential, and how this has inspired him! 

The good thing this social media has done to our family is : We’ve left our hesitation to speak up. Now, we speak. We don’t keep things within. If we think that we can’t talk, we write it. If we think we should talk on it, we discuss it. Overall, we have become expressive. Parents have been quick to adopt and learn this new technology. My mother even updates her status on watsapp, about how her feelings or on things which are going through her mind! 

Though I’ve cursed FB (earlier), [Now I don’t, this is not the first time I’ve contradict myself, it’s an ongoing process and that’s the beauty of evolving into something new], however, I feel thankful to  social media platforms which promotes self-expression.