Day 92 of 100 days workout challenge 

I forgot to count! And I also stopped counting days when I didn’t exercised as they were very few. (Aisa lag raha hoga ki main apni taareef kar rahi hu, uske liye Kshama Karein  ūüėõ ;)) 

I’m glad to learn and work daily on cultivating habits which work in favor of my mind body and soul!

Sorry, mistakes and lessons

When we say ‘sorry‘ 

What does it  conveys? 

It happened by mistake or it was unintentional and we won’t repeat it. 

When we repeat the mistake again, what does it mean? 

It might convey that we didn’t remembered our past mistake! 

What does it reflect when we repeat the same mistake more than twice?

It tells about our ‘decision’, it speaks volumes about our ‘choice’. And this decision, choice happens because we forget the lessons which emerged out of being sorry! 

Writing down in diary or in a journal is the most appropriate approach towards remembering the lessons that came from the mistakes.

Writing and reading it once a week would enhance our retention time and will also raise our awareness !

Am I spending time with a poisonous pal?

I’ve a friend.


We started of really very well, from common ‘fitness goal’ to ‘healthy friendship’. We’ve been friends from almost 1.5 years, however, recently when she went for summer vacations for two months, I realized in her absence I’ve become more focused, disciplined, relaxed and creative in thinking and lifestyle. I noticed that I’ve become interactive with people around me and could potentially engage myself in other extra curricular activities. ¬†

I felt AMAZING in my company and in the company of other colleagues and research mates. Spreading smiles, laughter and discussing constructive stuff. 

When she arrived, as she saw me..errr…traced me from top to bottom I felt hesitant about myself. She asked me, ‘What you did during these two months, your midsection looks so lean?’ (the voice and the facial expression didn’t gave me happy vibes!) I said, nothing, daily exercising!¬†

From the time of her arrival, she has endless stuff to talk on about her ex’s and trivial issues. I can’t share the joyful moments I had with other mates in her absence, because, she doesn’t likes and behaves possessive. I can’t share the solo traveling experience with her, as she will give rude expressions.

Earlier, I used to share all my dreams and goals with her, however, as I noticed that she is enveloped with competitive thoughts [who will be lean and fit first, who will finish research first etc] , I stopped sharing what’s in me.

It’s not that, suddenly, all such things are happening. They were there, but, I didn’t deeply experienced how it feels to be – unchained and to be in a company of happy, energetic and inspiring people.¬†

In in her company, I’m feeling confined, squeezed, clingy, stressed, exhaustive and UH-MAZING!¬†

I don’t know how to handle all this, should I end it straight or discuss with her?¬†