My way of finding special ones!

I’ve noticed one thing in me :

उसके लिए जेब बिंदास खुलता है,
जिसके साथ दिल खुलता है!

Whenever my heart doesn’t shrinks while paying someone’s bill. .!
Whenever my mind doesn’t bothers to calculate the give and take ratio!

That’s when the connection happens.
And it doesn’t occurs so frequently!


2 thoughts on “My way of finding special ones!

  1. The business practice of exchanging favors, an integral part of doing business (at least in my part of the world), has contaminated our personal lives. Giving, without expecting something in return, doesn’t come naturally or easy. Receiving becomes an act of faith in the giver’s generosity of spirit.

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  2. I find that receiving is more difficult that giving on a level playing field. Hence the on-going quest is to always be in a position to give rather than having to receive. With money, the distinctions disappear as money is based on expectation. It’s no longer even an exchange of “favours” but how much of my real worth I need to give up to receive the money, which I can then use to suck real worth from someone else – even if that someone else works on the other side of the planet. The “capitalist” business practice of using money to suck living energy from people is civilization’s poison to mankind.

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