100 Days Workout : Beginning

I cultivated the habit of daily running last year, however, I still need to work on exercising, strength build up along with the cardio. Next three months will be devoted to full one hour workout early in the morning, which will include combo of exercise and cardio.

I’ll keep updating about my workout here.

Today’s report : 1/May/2016 , Hit Gym at 7 am and tuned into 60 min workout (as this session suits me, started doing it before 5 days) with some modifications suggested by trainer. Like incorporating 1-2 min cardio after each exercise, reducing the no. of sets to 4)

Came out refreshed!!! 🙂

Judge-less April

April 2016 was devoted to judging less.

The journey was an eye opener for me. I realized how my mind is working on default settings of ‘judging’ people, events and my own self every now and then.

First fifteen days of the month were like a seesaw, where I slipped back to ‘judging mode’ then returned back to ‘letting go’ mode and struggled with finding the balance. After that, I got loaded with research work and got lost in meeting some project deadlines and then it was like – ‘Time hee nahi hai Judge karne ko!’ 

I learned that whenever our lifestyle will be directed with something higher, then judgement will sound ‘aaivayeen’ and whenever our routine will lack that direction we’ll end up being a ‘panchaayati