The upper birth

We get distracted, addicted and frequently fall in the well of trivial issues because – we didn’t find something higher which compels
us to be disciplined and focused!


4 thoughts on “The upper birth

  1. So true, so sadly true. I think, and it’s how I live my life, that to give it meaning, one has to determine for herself (himself) a “sacred” and inviolate purpose. One has to give one’s life to something bigger than what one is, dedicate one’s life to that one thing – then “serve” that, never looking back. That requires a special kind of mindset because it begins as a vocation and eventually morphs so that “I” become the purpose which I chose to serve. Am I now, at 70, the purpose I chose for myself? I don’t see myself from such a lofty perch, having chosen compassion as my purpose, but I know this: that I could never turn back, or away, from my choice: it is me. Thus I know that one day I will open up, like the pearl-carrying oyster and what is inside will be revealed. For the oyster it means death. I suppose that is the case here also. Therefore, to use your words: disciplined and focused… oh yes, definitely. Perhaps even somewhat mad? 🙂

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