Your highest ?

‘In which area are you giving your one hundred percent these days?’

– A question which knocked my mental door today, early morning, while I was sitting in silence.

Response flowed spontaneously from within!

At present, I’m giving my hundred percent in the area of fitness (mental and physical) . And on the next highest to my research.

What’s your highest these days?


16 thoughts on “Your highest ?

  1. I like Bhanu’s wisdom: in something that doesn’t matter at all! – One of “the Teachers” once told me that, “When none of it matters, it will all be yours,” and of course she was speaking of detachment from the world in order to see the greater wonders of the cosmos. But for me, “my highest” continues the same: to change myself via the path of compassion. Honestly, I’ve had some tough days lately in that area, some points when I wanted to say, “to hell with it” – but I didn’t, and I won’t because I’ve made it my purpose, and a way of life. Man’s more common way may seem easier, but I remember a quote from my religious days: “There is a way that seemeth right unto a man but the end thereof is death.” So, the best to you on your own responses to your calling. Health, fitness and research: good choices.

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      1. I’z beans buzzy! Ok, so it’s a busy time here with spring making all things sprout (in the part-time yard business) and people wanting to do renovations and cleaning to their houses (that’s my part-time maintenance business) so busy. Taking the weekend off so I have some time to do blogging. You did ask! 🙂

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      2. Hello Amrita… eating? When I feel hungry. Sleeping? When I fall asleep at the keyboard. The natural processes are the easy ones – they’re just the bottom feeders. The mind, now that’s where it all happens. But just the same, thanks for the “motherly” good wishes, and yes, I promise to behave!!! 🙂

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    1. I Sha’Tara, you neither liked nor replied on my comment. If I would not have come back here, I would have never know it. I like to meet such wise people and I am glad you could connect with my statement. I agree that to what you say and my chain of thoughts is exactly the same.

      You seem to be having a lot to say about life, may I request you to share such thoughts on some of my posts. Glad to connect. 🙂

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  2. Amrita, your question is difficult to answer. After completing the first draft of my second novel, I’m currently focused on the revision process. While set in Guyana during the period 1979-1980, it covers themes – religious hypocrisy, ravages of war, mental slavery, racism, white privilege, gender inequality – that remain relevant today. As a result, I find myself immersed in the challenges facing our species today as a result of inequality (of all kinds) and endless wars.

    The pulse of Mother Earth resounds in my soul.

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