Dating tip from India’s Best Motivational Speaker

Here’s a dating tip from India’s best Motivational speaker – Akash Gautam

Identifying the right person to be in a relationship with / marrying is like buying a shoe.

Just because the other person pretends to be CARING (i.e. the Shoe is ONLY comfortable) may not make you feel great about the deal after some time.

Most give in to the Comfort waala point & make the purchase but soon they want a refund because now they realize the Oooops factor frown emoticon.

Do not start dating every person who cares for you or comes near you. YOUR own MIND is weak & this is why you want other people to come & complete YOU.

YOU complete yourself by doing awesome stuff with your own life.

Make your own-self stellar. The best antidote for your Loneliness is MASSIVE awesome action.The best of the shoes will then want to sport your feet & moreover then you can select too for reasons beyond ‘only’ Comfort.

Slightly mean Advice given to a young girl who in these days checking on men to get married to / date. Felt like SHARING with you too.


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