Share is care

Visiting her inner chamber was a broken experience, everything was in pieces!

Instead of trying to collect and fix the pieces, I chose to have a dinner with her. We walked into restaurant, I asked her to order all that she loves and wants to eat, we ate delicious stuffs and had an ice cream while returning back.

There was contentment on her face as we said bye to each other. I realised that we can help others feel better by sharing food together!

As a friend or a family member we don’t need to fix everything or resolve every issues in their lives, we just need to create an environment where they are comfortable to speak, communicate and share their being!


2 thoughts on “Share is care

  1. Very true ., I can just picturise what you wrote, an experience we have shared many a times but not always so patient we are sometimes its good to let the time phase pass on. Thanks Dear lovely note 🙂

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