Your highest ?

‘In which area are you giving your one hundred percent these days?’

– A question which knocked my mental door today, early morning, while I was sitting in silence.

Response flowed spontaneously from within!

At present, I’m giving my hundred percent in the area of fitness (mental and physical) . And on the next highest to my research.

What’s your highest these days?

Dating tip from India’s Best Motivational Speaker

Here’s a dating tip from India’s best Motivational speaker – Akash Gautam

Identifying the right person to be in a relationship with / marrying is like buying a shoe.

Just because the other person pretends to be CARING (i.e. the Shoe is ONLY comfortable) may not make you feel great about the deal after some time.

Most give in to the Comfort waala point & make the purchase but soon they want a refund because now they realize the Oooops factor frown emoticon.

Do not start dating every person who cares for you or comes near you. YOUR own MIND is weak & this is why you want other people to come & complete YOU.

YOU complete yourself by doing awesome stuff with your own life.

Make your own-self stellar. The best antidote for your Loneliness is MASSIVE awesome action.The best of the shoes will then want to sport your feet & moreover then you can select too for reasons beyond ‘only’ Comfort.

Slightly mean Advice given to a young girl who in these days checking on men to get married to / date. Felt like SHARING with you too.

Handling mood swings

We are humans and it’s natural to have mood swings.

Well, I’ve been really pathetic in handling my mood swings almost a year and a half before, however, after experimenting, with lots of permutations and combinations the way itself appeared before me to reduce the swing and enhance the stillness.

To me, de-cluttering and writing are two methods of calming down and swing back from the extremes towards the center.Whenever I feel low, irritated and confused about things I prefer two things  :

1. Clean surroundings like study table, arrange books properly in shelves,  water plants, Polish shoes, wash dishes in the sink, iron clothes etc.

2. Write in detail with pen on a sheet of paper or note book all the things which are bothering me.

Cleaning and Writing are like ‘cut-paste’ tools for removing all the accumulated baggage of junk from inside. When I clean the surrounding, the environment inside me slowly comes into order. While arranging things on outside, the degree of randomness within me narrows down.

When I transfer down every thing in detail,  it feels as if I’m narrating the inner whether report. And after finishing, I feel rich with an inner empty bowl!

These simple tools help me return to home of harmony, your tools need not to be same! The only way to open new doors of handling the junk begins with noticing the junk. Be aware of the unevenness so that a path can be crafted.

Would love to know your ways of handling the inner traffic? What’s your traffic signal?

Share is care

Visiting her inner chamber was a broken experience, everything was in pieces!

Instead of trying to collect and fix the pieces, I chose to have a dinner with her. We walked into restaurant, I asked her to order all that she loves and wants to eat, we ate delicious stuffs and had an ice cream while returning back.

There was contentment on her face as we said bye to each other. I realised that we can help others feel better by sharing food together!

As a friend or a family member we don’t need to fix everything or resolve every issues in their lives, we just need to create an environment where they are comfortable to speak, communicate and share their being!