We deal the way we feel

Intent matters most. If we split the word ‘intent’ it becomes in+tent

How’s our inner tent when we decide to do anything?

Is it revengeful or is it in a state of ‘proving’ something to somebody or is it resisting the move or is it for – our peace, personal development, self-growth and harmony of the world around us!

Because the way we feel gets reflected into the way we deal things.

Shiva Shakti

From childhood,  I feel deeply connected with Shiva.

I don’t know why but HE is been my favorite!

The Chandra,
Jata mein Ganga,
Neel Kanth,
Maathey par tej
Chehre par thahraav
Hath mein Trishul,
Galey mein saamp,
Saath mein Shakti,
Saamne Nandi.

Shiva Shakti

Everything looks so perfect about HIM. Remembering HIM, brings me back to the center.

Have a blessed Shivratri dear all!


Can I absolutely be happy? A question, I asked.

And my heart counter questioned me, ‘ What stops you from being absolutely happy?’

I waited for the response!

While sipping haldi ka dhooodh before going to bed, response touched my ears lightly. It whispered, ‘Your lack-based thoughts stops you from experiencing happiness. ‘

I understood the cause.

The thoughts of LACK attract the same quality of outcomes in my life. How can I be absolutely happy when I’m silently affirming lack -laden thoughts!

Thought => Things

I can be happy when I believe in happiness. The thoughts of abundance will be reflected back in the reality. [Law of attraction]

Thoughts influence the outcomes. Keep a check on the quality of your thoughts! Are they harmonious? Or are they full of worry?