Real Cause

99.999% of problems are caused due to our own thoughts.

6 thoughts on “Real Cause

      1. I have a weird sense of humour – and sometimes a comment can send my mind flying off into space. The statement, 99.999% of problems are cause (or due) to our own thoughts is rather a wide open claim. I mean… basically all problems caused by my own thoughts? Surely that was a joke? If anyone were to believe that, then abuse, for example, is caused by the victims, as is always claimed by the abuser. Women get raped because they think about rape? Where does it end?

        As to war, well war is killing to get what someone else possesses; to control and enslave. War is usually run by the rich in order to get richer and more powerful, e.g., the endless wars perpetrated upon the world by the USA as #1 war-monger power, and by its enemies or lesser imitators. Same story: abuser abusing those less powerful. So the war in Syria would be caused by those who think about it? War refugees are at fault for having been bombed out of their homes and land?

        I’ve never bought into that New Age psycho babble myself. I know what I think and I know for a fact that my thoughts are certainly not the cause of 99.999% of problems; not even of my own problems. If a drunk driver were to hit me with his car while I was walking on the sidewalk and I was to remain in a wheelchair as a consequence of that accident, I should believe that my subsequent problem was my fault? That I “thought” that accident for myself for some perverted reason?


      2. Believe that all problems are created by our thoughts. We all have our own wars, for which we struggle every day.
        The ones who want war “think” the thoughts of war first before it happens, don’t they?
        The ones who rape, ‘think’ woman as an object first before they insert the penis into her vagina.
        Even in an accident, though we’ve not thought about it, however, the other person might have.
        We live with people, we also get influenced by their thoughts too!


  1. Yes to your last comment, Amrita, but a categorical “NO” to the original quote, that 99.999 problems are caused by OUR thoughts. There’s an implied correlation here that makes the statement a lie as it stands without further clarification, which you provided in your last comment: it is not OUR thoughts {generic} but the thoughts of {war mongers, greedy people, rapists, terrorists, etc.} that cause those problems. For example, I’m a pacifist ever since I learned that concept from Gandhi: can I not then exclude myself from “our thoughts” causing war? MY thoughts do not cause war; they seek solutions to war, and I actually have a damned good one. It’s called compassion. So naturally I would resist being labelled in as one of the sheeple if the label was a lie. 🙂 Thanks for the exchange. Good stuff.


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