Team force

We cannot excel in everything, however, we can create a team of people who are excellent in distinct things!

Thoughts this week

Random thoughts leads to randomness in actions.

Discipline is such an important aspect of life.

Never quit your job, it brings food on your table, it makes you pay your bills. It releases the financial stress. However, take out part of the time to do your dreams, daily.

Trust life.

Acceptance is harmonious, resistance creates disturbance.

The no. of ticks (tasks accomplished) on your list of things you thought of doing in a week or in a month or in a year elevates your confidence.

Focused and creative people love present, plan future, discuss possibilities and takes care of people silently. Whereas unorganized ones live in the past and discuss other people.

Returning back

When feeling low, be deeply low.
When feeling high, be deeply high.

That’s how we return to the middle, where low & high merge into one another – a state of gratitude.

We struggle to find the mid line when we try to travel opposite i. e at low we search for things which lift us and at high altitude we worry about things which may drag us down!

Because a thankless mind ends up finding chaos (zig zag patterns) and a thankful mind begins with peace (straight line of faith) and scrolls back again towards the stable line of harmony with existence.