Embracing the child within

Kids feel on top of the world when they look down from upper birth of the train.

The way they khushi se chillate hain , ‘Mummmy dekh…mummy dekho naa’

Mothers who’ve child alive in them respond with the same enthusiasm – ‘Wow, super bachchaa….!  ‘        

Mothers who are too much involved in the jodd – ghataao of the journey miss the scene!

Being a silent observer, I enjoy watching each and every move of the kids. May be, they are best in teaching how little things can be source of joy and celebration if we embrace the child in us!


6 thoughts on “Embracing the child within

  1. Very true but one fact is both the mothers are living for her children . She is jod ghatao to multiply the happiness of her child and she bcomes a child herself to live her childhood again .. Children are the best teachers ever no doubt … Beautiful thought 🙂

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