MediCtation experience

I attended a meditation program today. It was a 40 minute session and after coming out of the hall I didn’t find a single individual laughing. Every one was sooo seriousss as if we attempted to shake the Indraasana and ended up in discovering dukh- aasaana . Even I failed to identify sukh-aasana (one comfortable posture) for 40 mins [chiiti jo chaddh rahi thi pair mein]!

I was confused, was it a Meditation OR MediCtation?

A certain pattern of instructions, a definite way of reading the instructions (I then realized that even Man Mohan Singh’s speeches had some modulations!;). A fixed time frame of itnaa lambaa 40 mins that too for only one activity – sitting with a single thought. And the toughest part (I personally faced) was – Vo single thought bhi APNAA KHUDD KA NAHIN. The single sentence that we’ve to repeat inside was even given by them. COPYRIGHT to pata tha, Par COPYRIGHT ‘ACTing’ ka practical meaning aaj samajh aaya re babaa!

I mean valentine day week aa raha haithoda discount to chalta hai naa boss! 

They could have reduced it to 15 minutes, they could have given us the freedom to choose our own single sentence/thought because, it’s so simple and easy to concentrate on a thick crust pizza or a corn-cheeze dosa or a person whom we love the most over words like Aatman or divine or light. And a light instrumental music in the background would have created MAAHAUL :D. Then, I’m sure that we wouldn’t have opened our eyes even after 40 mins and we would have discovered our own sukh asaanaas 😉 

I do meditate daily, however, I’ve my own version of meditation. I dance. I listen music. i photograph. I sit silently. I allow thoughts to come, I don’t care from where they come and where they go. I take gratitude pinch (frequently).

MEditation has ME in it. It has to arise from ‘ME’. Try, explore different techniques but in the end create your own version [not a crack version] which resonates your  style. If dosa sounds more divine, choose that. Drop the Paratha then! 😉 Be an explorer, not a follower.

I’ll leave you with a beautiful picture of dancing meditation from OSHO meditation center at Pune and OSHO’s quote on meditation.

Visit_Meditation is Flowering_11
Dancing Meditation




9 thoughts on “MediCtation experience

    1. Thanks Sha..! Yes, when we follow we agree to live on a borrowed version of experiences. When we explore, scruitnize and make out something on our own – that’s when we taste the raw and smell something fresh!


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