Why we do anything – Self Enquiry

Today, a friend of mine inspite of being busy in the evening agreed to keep the luggage of colleague in the bus [so that she can pick it up on the other end].

I asked her, when you have so much work and also scheduled time with the gym trainer, why you took the responsibility? And now, you are getting tensed as to how you’ll take out time to drop the luggage at the bus stand!

She replied, ‘In future I may need her help. [Kal mujhe zarurat padegi to vo help karegi naa]’

Her reply made me self-enquire about my favorite question –  ‘Why I (we) do anything!’

Anything means – help, love, care, study, friendship, cook, shop, Job, clean, Facebook, blog, comment, follow, lead, share, marry etc.

Any choice we make is compound result of two phenomenas –

1. Quality of thoughts i.e taking decision out of love or fear.
2. Quality of intentions i.e taking decision out of grace or greed.

Then there are permutations of these two.

‘Love+ Grace, Love+Greed, Fear+Grace, Fear+ Greeed and trio combinations of each sets.’

My friend, in this case, was functioning with ‘Love+Greed’ or there can be a possibility of ‘Fear+Greed’ or some love, some fear and some greed.

My personal belief is :

Love (when heart functions and mind doesn’t malfunctions) + Grace (trust in life, in the existence which supports)
= leads to choices which are harmonious for ourselves and for the people associated with it.

And every mistake (thay happens), stress, regret and grudge we hold inside is an open invitation to shift towards the path of harmony.

So, next time you take a move,  pause and reflect on which combination is driving you!


7 thoughts on “Why we do anything – Self Enquiry

  1. A good thought provoking post Amrita…but….I guess everyone nowadays has become like that..many a time s when you genuinely help people also its mistaken as kuch kaam hoga types..so the second time it holds you back and maybe that’s how things work..Love + A little greed ..


    1. Hmmm..Neethu I agree with
      the belief (even I do fall in thinking such things) of ‘kuch kaam hoga type.’ Ha ha.
      Regarding love+little greed ..hmm I think it works well until n unless the greed doesn’t harms other. I don’t know….may be because whenever I’ve been greedy I’ve lost the ability to think about others around (thoda to sochna padta hai). Yea being a little selfish worked for me πŸ˜› ‘coz it had everything to do with the self;-) I hope it makes sense. Thanks for dropping by, feels good to be connected!:-)

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