Embracing the child within

Kids feel on top of the world when they look down from upper birth of the train.

The way they khushi se chillate hain , ‘Mummmy dekh…mummy dekho naa’

Mothers who’ve child alive in them respond with the same enthusiasm – ‘Wow, super bachchaa….!  ‘        

Mothers who are too much involved in the jodd – ghataao of the journey miss the scene!

Being a silent observer, I enjoy watching each and every move of the kids. May be, they are best in teaching how little things can be source of joy and celebration if we embrace the child in us!

What to do when they ignore?

What to do when someone is misbehaving or delibrately avoiding/ ignoring you?

Switch all your energy to the best person in your life.

Who is the best person in your life?


Can’t afford to depend on any one else for happiness.

Spend time with yourself, do things which make your heart sing, invest time in creating an art and eat some healthy stuff!  In this way we learn to direct our mind towards thoughts which are much more powerful & harmonious!

From the conversation with Coach Sukhi Longia, thanks so much Coach.

Stick till the end

While deciding to do something creative, it’s very essential that we (you) stick to the decision till the end. (like a donkey stands still facing towards a particular direction for hours.)

Creativity breathes in space, it takes time. In this process, it may happen that people who were there with you in your creative venture can loose interest and exit but it’s very important that you don’t give it up! (Ekla cholo re)

Creative ideas can strike you at any moment. May be the most weird situations can produce best solutions. There’s always a way and the way is on the way if we are willing to create an art.

Take time to make a decision, however, once done, no looking back then. Stick to the decision (Angad ke pair kii tarah).

Take a leap of faith and move ahead!

Thoughts are intensly magnetic

What we BELIEVE about ourselves and others magnifies.

The universe doesn’t differentiates between positive and negative, it only offers us what we dominantly think, speak and write about.

Believe without any doubt.


Train the mind with affirmations and visuals of things which you wish to experience daily. And it will surely materialize, it may take time, however, it will definitely manifest into reality.

BELIEVE in first place.

Let every cell in the body sing the song of possibility. No matter what others say, let’s stick like a postage stamp onto things which we desire from the core of our heart.

Our thoughts are magnets, and they’ve the power to produce intense magnetic effects in our lives. So, let’s think which we intensly want to see in our lives.

Experience the magnetic attraction you possess.Create life of your dreams.

I believe, will you?

Main Bhi Milkha – My first marathon

Today, I accomplished my only 2015 goal

As I landed to collect the race kit in Jaipur Youth hostel, Auto vale bhaiyya said, ‘Madam aap itne door se sirf daudne aaye ho!’  Maine kaha…hmm 😛 

There are situtations, when only we know ‘what certain things’ [even though they might appear foolish or nothing before others] mean to us. Nothing can ever beat the joy of being firm on ONE thing for the whole year and then experiencing it giving a final touch!Gudgudi see ho rahi thi 😀 

It’s so illuminating to deeply practice someone’s quote [jo seedha dil ko lagta hai] with full devotion [jaise Hanumaan chaalisa padhnaa roz]. Here’s that life changing ONE quote which I would like to share with you all –

“Be like a postage stamp. Stick to one thing until you get there.”Josh Billings quotes from BrainyQuote.com.

With Co-runners at the Marathon 2k16

What to do when you are confused?

What’s confusion?

Confusion means not sure whether to move or stay standing or go backwards, go left or right.

What to do then?

Take the next step, do not stick to a situation. Take immediate action. Take a leap of faith and do something. 


That’s the only choice winner has. That is to take action. The next step ends up in a mistake! ;P

Who cares?

Make mistakes.

Learn from them.

Keep repeating the process.

They will call you successful, you know why?

Because you dared to do the mistakes that they feared to. 

Now they start calling you a genius.

Aisa bhi Hota hai! 😀

[Early morning conversation with my Coach - Sukhi Longia] 


MediCtation experience

I attended a meditation program today. It was a 40 minute session and after coming out of the hall I didn’t find a single individual laughing. Every one was sooo seriousss as if we attempted to shake the Indraasana and ended up in discovering dukh- aasaana . Even I failed to identify sukh-aasana (one comfortable posture) for 40 mins [chiiti jo chaddh rahi thi pair mein]!

I was confused, was it a Meditation OR MediCtation?

A certain pattern of instructions, a definite way of reading the instructions (I then realized that even Man Mohan Singh’s speeches had some modulations!;). A fixed time frame of itnaa lambaa 40 mins that too for only one activity – sitting with a single thought. And the toughest part (I personally faced) was – Vo single thought bhi APNAA KHUDD KA NAHIN. The single sentence that we’ve to repeat inside was even given by them. COPYRIGHT to pata tha, Par COPYRIGHT ‘ACTing’ ka practical meaning aaj samajh aaya re babaa!

I mean valentine day week aa raha haithoda discount to chalta hai naa boss! 

They could have reduced it to 15 minutes, they could have given us the freedom to choose our own single sentence/thought because, it’s so simple and easy to concentrate on a thick crust pizza or a corn-cheeze dosa or a person whom we love the most over words like Aatman or divine or light. And a light instrumental music in the background would have created MAAHAUL :D. Then, I’m sure that we wouldn’t have opened our eyes even after 40 mins and we would have discovered our own sukh asaanaas 😉 

I do meditate daily, however, I’ve my own version of meditation. I dance. I listen music. i photograph. I sit silently. I allow thoughts to come, I don’t care from where they come and where they go. I take gratitude pinch (frequently).

MEditation has ME in it. It has to arise from ‘ME’. Try, explore different techniques but in the end create your own version [not a crack version] which resonates your  style. If dosa sounds more divine, choose that. Drop the Paratha then! 😉 Be an explorer, not a follower.

I’ll leave you with a beautiful picture of dancing meditation from OSHO meditation center at Pune and OSHO’s quote on meditation.

Visit_Meditation is Flowering_11
Dancing Meditation